Our Real Fairy"tails"

                                                    This is our Labrador Family, our loves!

                                           Reed ( right), Baylee(left), and little Belle (middle).

Reed was the dog that started the love affair between our family and yellow labs! When Reed was 10 years old and starting to move a bit slower, we introduced Baylee girl into our family. This gave old Reed a new spark to life.  They became great pals!

When Reed was 11, Bella Baby came into our lives. Quite a mischievous pup she was, but the three of them made a great lab family. You can see why we love them so much!

We were fortunate to have had Ms. Reed for over 16 years! Unfortunately she had to leave us on September 11, 2012.  Baylee girl is now 7 and Belle is 6.

We often talk about our labs and even post some pictures of them on our facebook page. Now you know a little bit about who were are talking about.

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