And it went like.....

 Long time no blog!  I've been doing really well this year with the monthly wrap up posts but then when it came to wrap up the month of April, my motivation was lost. 

My family went through a very sad experience at the end of April and that sadness carried into May.  I then had some other issues that just made me want to stay off social media. But  my new mantra is "Life is beautiful and things are okay" so I'm going to get out there and be happy!  We've been blogging for over 8 years now ( Can you believe it?), and I couldn't let May of 2021 be the only month we didn't have a blog post up, so here goes.....

Let's start with April. At the end of April our mom took her Golden Retriever Libby to the Vet because she had a temperature. The vet diagnosed her with a rare blood disease where the white blood cells attack the read blood cells therefore reducing her oxygen.  The vet said she would not make it through the night. Libby surprised us and made it through the night but she passed the next night.  

          Libby was only one year old. We were all devastated!  This was not fair!

The first weekend in May we celebrated my mom and nana's birthday! Their birthday is actually on the same day. My Nana is now 91.  We also went to a wedding that same weekend, which was the first time we've traveled out of our area in a long time ( except for taking Sybie to Metro Vet).  

My sister and I then hosted what would be our annual Mother's Day tea party at my house for Mother's day. It was a lot of fun! 

In Other news......

I started a food Instagram page called MS.FairytaleFoodie  where I've been sharing food and Disney food.  Our @Fairytalesnfit account morphed into Lacey and I just sharing content on our own personal accounts  (@lacers02 and @ms.meranda) so since my personal page is sort of a hodgepodge of  my dogs, Disney, and food anyway, I thought I would create just a food account for those who could care less about seeing my dog pictures.  I know an IG account should have a main focus but I could never give up  sharing pictures of my sweet fur babies.  They make me smile and hopefully they make other people smile too.  I'll still be sharing food content on my personal IG page too, cus why not?

In other Social media news, I have been binge watching a series on YouTube called A Year with the Ears.  It is about this young couple from Indiana that sold their house ( and almost all that they own), to live a year in the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. Their goal is to stay in every room type at every resort on Disney property in the year of 2019. This year (2021) they are re-living their experience and sharing it on their daily vlog. So for instance today's vlog would be about what they did on this exact day in 2019.  It is so fascinating. They will even have live Q and A sessions once a month.  I'll be sharing more about this couple later as they have agreed to do an interview with our blog! 

And speaking of Disney, our count down has started for our Disney trip in a few days and I can not wait.  I know this year  Disney is going to be different than any other time we have visited but we are keeping an open mind and are just going to enjoy being there!

I am also going to try to bring more Disney and vacation content to the blog.  I know over the last year, there hasn't been a lot of  Fairytales ( Disney content) and little Fitness ( Running content)  as we navigated 2020 and what type of content we wanted to or could share. 

Today we are going to enjoy Memorial day, maybe do a bit of grilling and clean our swimming pool! My goal is to wash down all the railing on our patios and try to find the patio lights I bought at Bed, Bath, and Beyond 3 years  I know they are in my basement some where because we saw them over the winter. Isn't that the way things go, you see them when you don't need them and then when you want them, you can't find them! 

Please tell me, how are you celebrating Memorial day today?  What are you looking forward too?  -M


  1. Sorry to read that you all had a rough couple of months. Nice to see you back to blogging. Enjoy your Disney trip.Looking forward to seeing the photos

  2. Omg I'm so sorry about Libby! That is devastating and I am heartbroken for all of you. Have so much fun on your trip!

  3. When I saw your post about Libby, my heart just broke for you and your parents. It's so hard to say goodbye to a pet, but at one year old? That is tough. She looked like such a sweet pup.

    It's nice that life is getting back to normal and I'm glad you and Lacie get to resume your love of all things Disney. I can't imagine living there for a year, but I know a lot of people who are Disney-obsessed. That has to be an interesting show!

  4. Awwe I'm so sorry to hear about Libby :( That is so heartbreaking considering she was so young! I love that photo of her - seems like such a happy pup!

  5. It was so shocking (and sad) to hear about Libby. Glad to see your blog again ;-) The hubs and I did a 46-mile bike ride yesterday, so today has been all about recovery...well, after our annual Memorial Day run at the lake and cemetery.

  6. I hug my babies more in honor of Libby. Still just makes me so sad.
    Disney ahead???? WHOOO HOOOO. I know that's exciting.
    I gotta check out that vlog -/ You Tube... what a fun idea!

  7. So sorry to hear about Libby. It’s good to see a post from you again. The instagram algorithm confuses me, but I’ll try to find you!

  8. I'm sorry to hear about Libby! Pets are our family, and it is awful to lose them. Those Mickey waffles look amazing and have fun on your trip!


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