Four Napa Valley Wine Tours

A weekend in Napa Valley did not disappoint!

The first day we booked a Wine Tasting Tour through Platypus Tours. It was a set price that included your driver picking you up at your hotel and taking you to three local wineries. Luckily our tour bus was not full (thanks to Covid). We only had one other couple on the bus with us. While we were at the wineries we were the only 4 that were there as well. It was almost like we had our own private tour of the wineries. Each winery we had about 4 to 5 tastings. However, the tastings were not included. The tastings were between $15.00-$20.00. If you decided to buy a bottle at one of the wineries, they did wave the tasting fee for one person

The first winery we went to was Madrigal. We were able to walk through the vineyard while there and heard some of the history about the winery. You had a great view from this winery of the mountain and you could even see some of the destruction of the wildfires that happened and the land that did not get recovered. Our tour guide even told us that Danika Patrick has a vineyard up on the hill. After we left there, we stopped for some fun photo ops! 

 Next on our tour was the Varozza Vineyards. There we were greeted with two furry friends. They were both pointer short hairs. One was 6 and the other one was going strong at 16! Before we had our tasting, our tour guide gave us our boxed lunch(which was included). Then we entered the barn and had our tastings. There were a few crackers that were out for us to nibble out, even though we just got done eating lunch, I thought this was a nice touch. We enjoyed a few tastings there, one that was selling for $125.00 (glad we didn’t like that one)! 

Last but not least was the Auburn James Winery. I think this was our favorite out of the three. Save the best for last. All of the wine was very tasty, but the host was awesome! He was super cool and engaging. There was a great vibe during the visit. We got to taste all the wines and got a few pictures of the winery. After a full day of wine tasting we went out to dinner and called it a day! 

The next day we were on our own and chose to visit Robert Mondavi. I’m not sure if it was because we were familiar with the wine or because it was a much larger vineyard, but this was awesome! The grounds were beautiful. It was a gorgeous day when we visited. We had our tasting of a few different wines and decided to purchase a cheese plate in addition. The person that brought the wine out said a few things about the wines and the vineyards but pretty much left us alone for the duration of the time, which was nice! We enjoyed the tasting and our snack, and we even ordered an additional glass of wine while overlooking the vineyard. A perfect afternoon! Afterwards we did a little shopping at the boutiques downtown. 

Have you ever experienced Napa? If so, what winery was your favorite to visit?


  1. We love Napa-one of our favorite places to visit. Touring wineries is always fun! Napa is a great place to run and bike too. Sounds like a fun getaway!

  2. Looks like a fun tour enjoying the outdoors. I've always been intrigued by all the rows of grape vines growing in vineyards when I see them along the road. We had several vines in our garden at a previous home in Iowa & made jelly from the grapes. Karen

  3. I went to Napa in college, so it was awhile go! Id love to go back someday. Having a bus sounds like a great plan!

  4. I would love to do this trip!!!! Reading and looking through your photographs, I had such a desire to plan a trip. We aren't there just yet with the COVID business but soon. I love a good wine and although I love hitting up a few wineries, I think the second day sounds absolutely lovely. A little wine, nice lunch and then strolling through the downtown. Sounds like the perfect little getaway.


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