Must See Sights in San Francisco


Being a Flight Attendant I have been to many fun places in the U.S. as well as outside the U.S. One of the cities I have always wanted to visit was San Francisco. I finally was able to have my day in San Francisco.  

We decided to book a Golden Gate Bay Cruise Tour. It was downtown near Fisherman’s Warf. It was pretty windy the afternoon we did it, but it was still pretty cool to see Alcatraz close up and some great views of the Golden Gate Bridge as well as the city. Afterwards we had lunch at the Boudin. I had a delicious bread bowl of homemade cream of crab soup.  We wanted to make sure we saw the sea lions at the prier and I have to say we both were a little disappointed. There were only about 12 or so on the furthest dock possible. I thought there were supposed to be an abundance of them. For not seeing as many as expected, they were still loud enough!

Next up was to find the Full House house. Who else was obsessed with that show? I knew from the pictures that the house currently did not look like it did back in the day. We first drove by the painted ladies. I looked and thought well these don’t look like the house. We parked and saw the famous park that was across from the houses that people were having picnics on the lawn. I actually asked one of the ladies there if one of those houses was the Full House house, she said she didn’t think so that it was just mimicked from that. What? Apparently this view was just the beginning of the episode of the show. I just assumed that their house was always one of them.  Why would they go across town to have a picnic when they could just cross the street?

From Google Images

 If you remember the opening credits of the show you know what I am talking about.

Anyways, we were adamant about finding the real house. And we did! Like I said, it definitely didn’t look like the house back in the 90s, but it was the house. We parked and took a few pictures in front of it, and called it good. As we were walking away other cars were driving up to take pictures of it as well. I was surprised that the gate at the bottom of the steps was opened, but I wouldn’t dare to walk up on them. However, this family with a young girl came up to it and she walked up their stairs, too risky! I thought she was way young to even know the show, but then I remembered she may have known it from Fuller House.

After leaving the house we were set out to find another house, the Mrs. Doubtfire house. This house looked different as well. It was grey and in the movie it was white. I took a quick picture in front of the stairs, which was gated. I could have sworn I heard someone say get away from my house, but I didn’t see anyone in the windows (maybe it was in my mind, my friend said he didn’t hear anything). But really, if you don’t want people to take pictures of an Icon from a movie, then don’t buy the place, surely they knew this when they bought the place. It’s not like we were trespassing.

Last but not least, was seeing the famous Golden Gate Bridge up close and run across it. It was a fun day full of tourist activities and that was completely fine by us because we were.

Have you ever visited San Francisco? If so, tell me something I should do next time I visit?


  1. We honeymooned in SF and yep, left my heart there, lol. We returned when I ran Big Sur. We love SF!

  2. I love you found the houses. I'm totally singing the Full House theme now.

  3. I would love to visit these places! I can't wait to travel!


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