Why do I need an "Amazon day?" And random purchases you might like

 Oh the weather outside is frightful, but Amazon is so delightful. Since we have all the time, buy it Prime, buy Prime, buy it Prime........( So I thought)! 

We've been doing some Amazon hauls at my house lately.  I usually order once in a while and I would say my husband gets stuff about 3 times a week.  My orders are just random things here and there but the other week I decided I was just going to put a bunch of stuff in one order. I ordered on a Sunday, chose Prime, and expected my items no later that Tuesday.  If you care to know, this is what I bought.

I didn't even know I NEEDED this until I was watching QVC one day! Ya'll know how much we love our Vitamix around here. Well, one day I was watching my guy David on QVC and he was demonstrating the Vitamix. Even though we have this item, I always like watching his demos to get new ideas on how to use it. This particular day he showed this scraper that was used to get food from sticking under the blades! WOW, this is genius!  Well, I waited till the end of the day to order it and then guess what? It was sold out. Fortunately I found the same thing on Amazon for the same price!  There are other brands for less but thought I would stick with the original Vitamix tool to avoid any potential disappointment!    Get Vitamix Blade Scraper

And if you are ever in the market for a Vitamix, I will say that QVC has the best price on this appliance and you get many extras with it.   

I was itching to add a little more something to my porch decor for Valentine's day so I thought doing one of the Buffalo check rugs would be the ticket. I can see styling this up for many holidays to come. 

Get Buffalo Plaid Rug  

I had known since last month that I would be taking a long weekend away where I would be lounging by the pool but just last week actually decided to try on my swim suit. NOPE!  I guess I should not just assume an item that fit me 6 month ago is still going to fit me now, not during these times...lol My old suit ( I hate to call it that because I am hopeful it will fit again), was a one piece and I really liked it.  I have a hard enough time finding a swim suit at an actual store that fits, so  buying a swim suit online is super risky ( for me anyway).  I sort of bought this one on a whim just to try it, and it's a complete winner! I may even order it in more colors! 

Get Swim Suit

And last in my haul were these adorable cookie cutters. No, I did not need these seeing that I already had a large cookie cutter and an egg/pancake mold both from the Disney park.  But these cutters came in multiple sizes and think of all the crafts and baked goods I can make with them.  I must say, they are not as good of quality as the ones I bought directly at Disney, but using them carefully to cut my food in Mickey shapes makes my Disney loving heart happy! 

Get Mickey Cookie Cutters 

Oh and one more thing, my husband bought us these cool camera covers for our laptops. 

I never even knew there was such a thing! I've always just used a sticky note to cover my camera when I wasn't using it ( or perhaps nothing at all).  These come in multiple sizes for PC's ipads, and phones. You might need to click the link to the item to really see how it is used.

Get Computer Camera Cover

So after I placed my order on a Sunday, ( and thought it would be here in two days), I got a message saying "Congrats, your Amazon day is Friday"!  WHAT???? I didn't want my items Friday?  I pay for Amazon Prime so I can have them earlier than that. And what the heck is an Amazon day? Now obviously none of these items were anything I needed to have immediately, but I was a bit annoyed that it was going to take all week.  I saw that I could change my "Amazon day" to a different day of the week, but when I logged into my account, there was no way for me to do that. And THEN I saw that my "Amazon day" got pushed back to Sunday!   I decided to call Amazon to see what all this "Amazon day" stuff was and why I wasn't getting my items as they shipped.

Turns out that "Amazon day" shipping is indeed an option and it is a day of the week that all your purchases for the week are delivered.  I did not choose this option but I got it anyway.  I like getting packages throughout the week, but I can certainly see where having an "Amazon day" would be helpful for some folks that need to go to a post office box to pick up their packages, or people who are not home during the week to get their mail as it arrives.   Like I said, it wasn't that big of a deal when I got my items, I just wanted to know the "Why" behind it!  

Next up on my Amazon list......

Coffee Scented Wax melts...Yes please!    When you're a teacher you can never have too many fine tip markers.     And since I've been spending so much time in the kitchen lately I figured we should get some of these non-stick baking mats. They are actually on a great sale right now for a pack of 2!

Many years ago I lost my Mickey hole puncher  at school ( or perhaps someone just liked it more than I did). I finally saw where I can get another one, so I'll be putting it on my list! 

AND have you seen these dryer sheets?????  I don't even care that they are 2 times ( unscented 3 times) the price of regular dryer sheets. I will try anything to remove all the blonde little dog hairs from my black clothes! Pet owners will understand!  I saw one commercial for these and I have been looking for them at all my local grocery stores and can not find them. Amazon it is. Unfortunately it does not look like they are available for Prime. 

Do you like seeing the random items people buy from Amazon?  Do you see anything on this list you could use?  What's on your next Amazon list?  -M 

Have a happy weekend friends! 


  1. I used to pick an Amazon Day when I was going to the office and wanted to be home when my packages were delivered. I have a hard time thinking of random items to add if I am trying to qualify for overnight delivery.

  2. I found that even if I picked an Amazon day, they still came in multiple packages so I pretty much don't see the point. You can change it to whatever you want before you checkout. I do the longer shipping if I don't need it right away and they offer me a digital credit -- I use those on kindle books!

    I have never heard of a scraper for the Vitamix! Uh oh!

    My husband also has a steady stream of stuff coming from Amazon. Usually I order once or twice a month. That's a really cute bathing suit, btw!

  3. we pretty much order something daily! It's a problem around here :) or a life saver. Love the door mat

  4. While I don't order that much on Amazon, we seem to get daily deliveries because apparently those I live with are avid fans. You will love those silicone baking mats! That buffalo check doormat is super cute!

  5. I really don’t spend much time on Amazon. Last summer, though, was a different story. As my biking routine increased, so did my cycling jersey collection. I went from one to five in a matter of weeks :-)


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