January in Review

 I'm not going to lie. we all know that I'm not actually going to write one sentence per day, because I'm not that clever to have recorded one memorable thing each day in January. So I'll just do a recap of each week. Thanks to Rebecca Jo for the link up!

Heck, I won't even call them highlights, because really, there wasn't much to highlight in January, just another month in the life of a pandemic!

January Week 1- We are back to school after the holiday break! When I say we, I mean only teachers and staff. We go to school each day and teach remotely from our classroom. #IDontHateIt

Our Kitchen addition is complete! This new space has given us so much room and makes our kitchen function more efficiently. We even have a storage space for dog food. No more big bags laying in the kitchen. But now I just found out our tile guy has retired so now I am on a hunt to find someone to install the tile backsplash.   #ILoveMyNewSpace

We took Sybie to the vet because she has been having an itching problem lately. Turns out poor girl had an ear infection. The vet is not sure if that is what is causing the itching. She gave us some meds and also suggested we change her food. She is still slightly itching. We are wondering if it could be her Seresto Collar?  #PleaseStopItcing

When we learn virtually, we get out earlier on Fridays...Woohoo! This let me get a head start on grocery shopping for the weekend! #CanWeDoThisEveryFriday?

January Week 2- Students are back in the classroom this week. I haven't seen them in person in well over a month.  #WelcomeBack

Did a huge grocery haul this week and thought I would try that thing called meal prep! I like to take one day and make a bunch of food ahead of time to freeze. We bought a new a fridge recently so I have to fill it up! #LetsCook

We took the dogs to our favorite island to walk for the first time this winter.  I think they forgot all their manners because they were absolutely horrible. We did one lap and went back to the car.  #WeNeedToTrainThemBetter

January Week 3- We had an in-service training today at work and it was ALL Online! I spent 8 hours looking at a screen. I then spent another hour or so finishing it up at home ( just so I had it completed by the deadline).  This really took me out for the week. I had the worst headache and eye ache I've had in a very long time ( from looking at a screen all day). I went to bed early that night  and really doubted that I would be well enough to go to work the next day.  When I woke up I was okay, but I had to wear glasses the rest of the week.  #TooMuchScreenTime

I had to get a few things so stopped at the mall after work. I have not been to the mall in FOREVER.  Really, I don't go anywhere anymore except to the grocery store and the Dollar store near my house, #OnlyTheEssentials!  I picked up what I needed and also found the cutest Leopard dress. Dresses and leggings are my Go To wardrobe choice in the winter.  I also had a coupon for Bath & Body Works so picked up some more Wall Flower Refills for my 90 year old Nana ( since she did not care for the scents I previously bought her)!  #DoesAnyoneShopAtTheMallAnymore?

For Christmas I got some shredder attachments for my Kitchen Aid so decided to finally test them out. I shredded potatoes and made 6 bags of hash browns to freeze. #I'veNeverMadeHashbrowns

Decided to start back up on the Nordic Track indoor bike and hopefully make it a habit for the rest of the winter. #IForgotHowMuchILoveThisBike.

January Week 4- Only had students in class for 3 days this week.  #LoveAShortWorkWeek

My best work buddy and I planned our annual Spring Break get away.  BUT HOLD ON....Before you judge.  Last year (BEFORE Covid) we went to the Beautiful Crystal Springs Resort, but we are being smart this year AND Safe.  We are staying close to home. It will be just a short visit.  We will wear our masks here just like everywhere else. Hopefully by the time we go, cases will continue to decrease. If things change or we feel unsafe, we will cancel.  We've had Cabin Fever for 11 months now. We are teachers, we need a mini break! 

So overall not an exciting month by any means, but I stayed busy.  -M

Tell me, if you have a Kitchen Aid, do you use it for anything other than mixing?

What do you think Sybil's itching is from? 


  1. I love the weekly idea for this link up! Look at you thinking outside the box!
    So wait - why are you doing the hashbrowns in a bowl of ice? Is there a reason for that?... I never knew Kitchen Aids HAD attachments so that shows you how much I know.
    What's a mall? LOL - I honestly dont even know when the last time was we went to the mall. Christmas 2019 I guess. GEEEZZZ

    1. The bowl of ice is to catch the potatoes as they fall. They are suppose to be kept in ice as you shred them so they don't change color I guess. The next step is to blanch them in boiling water for three minutes and then put them back in the ice water to stop the cooking process. I should do a blog post on this process...lol

  2. I would think her itching could very well be from that collar. But it could also be that because it's winter, her skin is just very dry and itchy. Hope you figure it out. I haven't been in a mall in a really long time. But I'm in Walmart almost weekly. lol

    1. I try to avoid Walmart....lol ( Hence why I visit my local Dollar General often...lol)
      Part of me too thinks the itching may be from her collar but her itching is on her back legs/hip area, not her neck. I take the collar off once in a while and it makes no difference. It is certainly a mystery! I hope the vet can figure something out for her at our next visit this month! Thanks for reading Cathy! -M

  3. How lovely to read about your month. You must be pleased to be back in the classroom! Our schools closed in early December and aren't reopening until mid March at the earliest :-( I think all parents home schooling are beginning to realise that being a teacher isn't easy.
    I wonder what is making your poor dog so itchy? And how do you stop a dog from scratching? I think it may be worth considering changing foods. When you think about it, humans who get eczema can be sensitive to certain foods, it may be the same with dogs? I wonder if the pet store could maybe recommend a shampoo to try. Our dog is a Cavapoo - half King Charles Spaniel, half poodle.
    As for shopping - oh the thought of going out and browsing around shops is wonderful, but isn't going to happen here for some time yet. We are on our third lockdown and all non essential shops are shut. Even places like hairdressers are closed - last time they were shut for 3 months, it was a nightmare!

    1. Yes, I am very pleased to be back in the classroom! I think the Spring semester is just going to fly by. We did indeed change our dog's food but I'm not convinced it is a food allergy just yet! I hope we find out what the problem is for her soon! Thanks for reading! -M

  4. Hey I am not judging I'm just jealous! I'd love to plan a vacation but honestly just can not come up with any local--ish ideas that I like. I like your shredder attachment; I have few attachments that peel apples and made like zucchini noodles and things but I rarely think to use them.

    1. I wouldn't quite call it a "vacation"...lol, Just two friends getting away from home for a weekend! Yes, we are fortunate that things are opening here and that there are things to do. I look at it this way, we are also helping to support businesses that are struggling during this time! Win-Win! Thanks for reading!

  5. My kids have been getting daily headaches thanks to all the imposed online schooling. We're really hoping our province makes an announcement tomorrow that the kids can go back to school soon -- like next week -- because we're done with this online stuff.

    I think the last time I went to the mall was right after Christmas in 2019 to buy a dress. Yeah, it's been awhile...

  6. I have had my Kitchen aid for 25 years! It was a wedding present. We have the pasta and the zoodle attachment they are great!

  7. No judgement here, just wishing that we could all start planning/dreaming of taking trips once again. We were thinking of trying to go skiing in the next province over but they are not recommending travel and there are just so many rules that we decided it wasn't worth the price tag. I think I love the idea of getting out early on Friday and I think we should 100% keep that post pandemic! Are you half online, half in person? My munchkins are coming back on Thursday and I am excited for us to come back together after self-isolation due to a positive case in our classroom. The good news is that although we've had positive cases in the school come in, no one has gotten it and there has been 0 spread at school! Happy Wednesday!


  8. Just like Joanne... no judging here just pure jealously. Glad to hear you are back in the classroom. Have a great weekend.

  9. I would enjoy a day or 2 at the Crystal Springs Resort. Looks relaxing just looking at the picture. The waterpark in our area was closed last summer. I enjoy taking the Grands there & myself floating on a tube around the lazy river. Those homemade hashbrowns sound yummy! How about bathing products or bathing too often for pup perhaps causing the itching? My skin gets drier & itchy more in winter due to the dry air in the house. Karen

  10. Nice to discover you through RebeccaJo. This posts are such good reads and a great way to get to know one another. I have a tab open for the Crystal Springs resort. Thanks for sharing. Can't imagine 8 hours of online inservice. I am a retired school librarian and I would get antsy at about an hour of in-person training.


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