Spring Break at Crystal Springs Resort and Spa

What was meant to be a Pre-Spring Break trip may end up being the only Spring trip I get to do depending on the state of our country in the next few weeks.

In any case, I was glad to be able to relax in a paradise setting so close to home.

Crystal Springs Resort is located in New Jersey, so that meant very easy traveling (no flight required). If you ask me, that is the best kind of travel!

The resort is made up of two hotel properties, The Cascade Lodge and the Minerals Hotel.  Both have indoor and outdoor pool areas, a spa, and activities. 

I do think the Minerals Hotel had more activities going on but my friend and I chose to stay at the Cascade Lodge because of the ambiance of their indoor pool called the Biosphere which was a tropical oasis.  This is where we planned to spend most of our time.

NOTE: The two resorts are NOT on the same property nor are they within walking distance.  They are about 3 to 5 miles down the road and pass two highways. There is a complimentary shuttle that will take you to and from the resorts but we found it easiest to just drive ourselves. We visited the Minerals twice during our stay, once to go to a spa appointment, and once for a fitness class.

 Here are 5 Highlights from our stay at Crystal Springs Spa &Golf Resort.

The Biosphere- This is seriously an indoor tropical oasis. It is under a dome like structure, so all the sunlight gets let through and it stays toasty. 

The outside weather was rather mild during our visit, but I could see this place being the Go To place in January when it’s cold outside and there is snow on the ground.

 The area included a grotto, heated pool (inside and out), with waterfalls, water slide, hot tub, swim up aquarium, steam room and sauna.

Spa- Both resorts have a spa. My friend was able to get an appointment for a facial. I was looking forward to relaxing with a good book while I waited for her, but I ended up forgetting my book. The kind spa attendant actually let me relax in the spa lounge with a few refreshments. I had some green tea, some fruit water and the best granola ever.

Fitness Classes-  There may have been a fitness class or two at the Cascade Lodge where we were staying, but over at the Minerals there was a more extensive list because it is a complete gym and health club that has actual members from the community.  We ended up taking a simple Yoga class.

Restaurants- Each resort has their own onsite restaurants. They say reservations are not required but highly suggested. I would suggest reservations as some restaurants were hard to get into. Of course because it is a full service resort, the meals are a little pricey, but you will find one moderate type restaurant, and of course there was a good lunch menu in the Biosphere (as well as delicious Gelato) 

Activities- Some activities were complementary and some were an additional cost. We were enjoying our time so much in the Biosphere that we really didn’t have time to do any of the other activities.

 Some of the other activities included touring the wine cellar, paint n sip, horseback riding, ax throwing, and some dinner shows (I think there was a comedy show one night when we were there). We did end up going to a mentalist show on Saturday night which was really good. It was like something you would see on America’s Got Talent. The mentalist’s name was Kent Axel. Check him out. Later that night there was music and dancing at one of the restaurants but that didn’t start till 10pm. We are both teachers, so at 10pm we were ready for bed…lol.

If you live on the East Coast and want a quick no fuss get away, The Crystal Springs resort is a great choice.  Check out my IG story for more photos of the resort!

If you are interested in other spa getaways on the East Coast, check out my reviews on the Chocolate Spa at the Hotel Hershey, and the Spa at Woodloch Lodge (This one is my favorite).

Are you taking a Spring trip? -M


  1. OMG, that sounds amazing! Now if only Mr. Judy actually enjoyed pools. :( Of course my one planned vacation is a racecation so now sure if it's going to happen -- like so much in my life the past year!

    1. This is actually a golf resort as well, so maybe Mr. Judy would enjoy playing golf while you relaxed at the pools.

  2. This was really helpful. I’m from NJ and heard of this place, but not many details. Looks like a great place for a last minute getaway. We’re in the same boat with MD spring break...probably not having one anymore ;(

  3. I have not heard of this resort but it looks like a nice place to relax for a weekend

  4. Wow. Looks awesome. I would love this.

    1. Yes, You would! It would be a great weekend trip for you, not too far!

  5. Oh how fun! I wish I could have gone a trip for Spring Break. Hope you feel refreshed!

  6. I would love to do something like this with my best friend - we'll have to start looking for one on the west coast. And plan it for when it's OK to travel again...

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  8. i really wanna visit here after i visited this website. it would be wonderful to rest a little after weekdays!


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