Summer Loving.....

      This summer I've been running, walking, swimming, making new recipes, cleaning my house, and sometimes going out on the boat. Sadly enough, none of those things require me to wear any more than "lounge wear". I'm sure some of you can relate!

That rare time that we went into town. 

What I've been loving the most this summer in the form of "lounge wear" has been the rompers!

These have been my "go to" outfits. Click the "Clickable Links" to go to the page where I've purchased these outfits. They all come in different colors and somewhat different styles.

My favorite is the blue nautical striped one.
This is SUPER soft and would have been perfect for a day on the boat ( except for the fact that it has sleeves) and being in a cotton top on the boat all day would be very HOT. I should have bought the tank version.  This is an Amazon find (clickable link).

  I smartened up on my next order and bought a tank top romper. I just love the little buttons at the top. I pair this with a pair of pink jeweled sandals my momma got me for my birthday and it's pretty cute.  This is also an Amazon purchase ( clickable link). 

One of these days I will learn how to do mirror selfies to take pictures of my outfits. I tried and it turned into an epic fail. Who has any tips for me?

I love me some QVC, so my last romper is from there. It is from the ANYBODY collection.  If you've never taken a look at the ANYBODY collection from QVC, Do it NOW.  ANYBODY is a super soft line of clothing that literally works for any body shape. If you click on this link, you can see the short video of women of all different sizes wearing this romper and it looks great on all of them!

I could see being able to dress this one up a little more.  I originally wanted the tangerine colored one but it was sold out in my size. I figured you can never go wrong with black ( except for a little more lint rolling). It is super soft as well AND it is actually REVERSIBLE! That's right. I am wearing it with the square neckline and the drawstring tie in the front and the back is a V-neck (with a plain waistline).  I thought perhaps the V-neck would be too low cut for me, but it actually is not. I could comfortably where it both ways, but I prefer the look of the tie in the front.  Again, this can be found at QVC (clickable link). And it is now on CLEARANCE!

Oh, and I should mention that all these rompers have POCKETS!

What are you "living in" this summer? Are you dressing comfy or do you have a reason to "dress up"?  -M

Thank you to each and everyone one of you who read our blog and/or link up with us on Fridays.


  1. My big question for rompers is if they're a bit high-maintenance when it comes to needing a potty break LOL

  2. My big question for rompers is if they're a bit high-maintenance when it comes to needing a potty break LOL

  3. I agree with Kim! I think they're super cute but I want a bottom I can just pull down, LOL!

    Summers are always for Skirt Sports. :) However, I have a lot of shoes I'm not wearing this year because we don't go out!

  4. I wear running skirts all day. Every day. Now that I go out a little I am wearing dresses.

  5. Lounge wear is key these days! I've been doing lots of t shirt dresses. I really like the 2nd romper super cute.

  6. So cute - so your style. They look so comfy - & yes, totally works for the hot air & wearing out.

  7. I love the look of rompers but I am so long waisted, then usually don't fit very well.

  8. I love all three of these and rompers in general. That first one is very nautical and I can totally picture you on a boat in it!

  9. You sold me on the nautical shorts romper! I've been wanting one with shorts and this one is precious! Thank you for the recommendation!

  10. That looks so cute on you! I clicked and I like the V neck. I don't "need" any clothes but... I may get one. I've been wearing a lot of shorts and skorts!


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