Weekend in Virginia Beach

Last weekend I visited my friends in Virginia Beach.  

The main purpose of heading down that weekend
was to finally enjoy my Christmas gift. Last year my friend bought me Train tickets but the concert wasn't until July. It was definitely worth the wait. We had 2nd row seats and I even go to get a selfie with the lead singer!

The day before we had planned to do a kayaking tour but the tour company called and said that Trip Advisor had the wrong date and that it was the following morning.

 So that day we decided to do Top Golf in the afternoon before heading to a new wine bar that evening. 

The next morning we finally went on our kayaking tour. 

We kayaked up the ocean about ten blocks and I kept thinking where are these dolphins we are suppose to see. It's probably just another one of these tours that claim you may see certain things but rarely do.

Then all of a sudden there were a bunch of them traveling in pods. Some even got super close to our kayak.

They were coming from every direction that I didn't know where to look next. I had no idea this was even a thing you could do in Virginia Beach and I lived there for a few years.
It was a pretty cool experience and a great workout. 

Have you ever kayaked to see dolphins or got to swim with them? -L


  1. That must’ve been so cool to be so close to the dolphins! I’ve seen them from boat tours but that’s not the same.

  2. Looks like a really fun weekend! One time when I kayaked in Florida I had an up close and personal experience with dolphins! They are amazing, smart creatures.

  3. What fun! The dolphin experience would have been awesome!

  4. I have not been to VA beach in years although it's not that far. Looks like lots to see and do. I am doing Shamrock this year though. Thanks for the link up


    I've seen tons of dolphins (and even manatees) while kayaking or SUP. It's the most incredible feeling and such a privilege. I've swum with dolphins once in the Bahamas. And I've seen whales and dolphins (and sharks) on whale watching tours. So this is right up my alley. What a great weekend for you!

  6. What a fun weekend! That seems worth the wait! We kayaked in Monterrey Bay - no dolphins that I recall but it was awesome, too!

  7. What a jam-packed fun-filled weekend!! Everything sounds awesome, but man, seeing dolphins so close, being in the water with them, is incredible.

  8. WOW that dolphin tour is right up my alley! How incredible!! The concert sounds amazing, too. Glad you had a good weekend!

  9. Oh wow! That kayak trip with the dolphins looks amazing. I'll have to remember that if we're down in that area. And it sounds like a fun weekend overall :)

  10. How fun, what a long awaited trip! I've never been that close to dolphins before, that's amazng!

  11. We saw Train in concert at Wolftrap in NOVA several years ago. It was a great concert!

    Kayaking with the dolphins sounds like so much fun!


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