Weekly Wrap....November 19

This week went by so fast. After running a Huge PR on Sunday I pretty much took most of the week off to recover, from running that is. I still had to teach all my group fitness classes.  

Monday morning I met some friends for a birthday brunch. 

Tuesday it was Spin class and Silver sneakers. After my classes I splurged on a Pumpkin Spice Donut at Duck Donuts.

 We were going to get one after our race because there was one right across from our hotel, but it had closed by the time we got there.  I have been craving one ever since the race. Luckily they have one in Virginia Beach. It is a donut shop that originated in Duck North Carolina that makes made to order donuts. When they are done, they are hot and so delicious. That evening I went to a foot spa and got a much needed massage. Afterwards, my friend was having a girl’s night to watch This Is Us. I never have seen the show but haven’t seen her in a while so decided to come by. Who can resist some girl time with wine and snacks?

Wednesday it was my friend’s birthday so I told him I would take him anywhere he wanted after I got done with class. Out of all the places and great local restaurants that are not chains to choose from, he wanted to go to Denny’s. He said he gets a free breakfast for his birthday. Well that’s fine by me. They do things official there, he had to show his ID and sign a paper.

Thursday I had to teach my Silver Sneakers class then had to go to get an oil change. I didn’t want to go all the way home between that so I went to the gym that was close to the garage just to shower.  I didn’t want to make it that obvious so I did get on the treadmill for ten minutes just to break a sweat.

I met a friend for sushi while I waited for my oil to get changed.

After taking all week off from running I decided to give it a try on Friday. My legs were feeling much better and I ended up running 10 miles at a very slow pace but felt good.  That evening I went to a local Seafood Restaurant that was going out of business and had dinner. I had recently gotten a gift card for there and I wanted to make sure I used it before it closed by the end of the year.

 I got the scallops that came with a loaded sweet potato and vegetables.

Saturday morning I had planned to meet some girlfriends for brunch so I wanted to make sure I got a run in beforehand. It was only in the 30's during my run but was supposed to get into the 60's later that day. I ended up running 5 miles. I didn’t do too much the rest of the day.

Sunday I had planned to go to the gym to take a body pump class. But I ended up waking up much earlier than anticipated so I decided to go for a short run since it was already in the 60's. My run didn’t go as well as I’d hoped for. I knew I wasn’t going to go very far but I had a few hiccups along the way.  About halfway through my run I knew I needed to stop and use the restroom.  Thankfully I was close to the visitor’s center that was opened. When I walked in the restroom I immediately got a nose bleed. I guess if I was going to get one it was perfect timing. I was in there for what felt like forever! Finally it stopped but I grabbed a bunch of tissues for the run back home just in case.  

Luckily there were no issues on the way back home. I ended with four miles and I was totally fine with that.  After my run I went to the gym. This evening I plan to meet up with some friends for a birthday party.  -L

How was your week?
Ever go to the gym just to shower?
Ever get a bloody nose while running?

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  1. Ive never gone to the gym just to shower, but sometimes I want to just use it for its parking garage since its closer to my office than where I actually park! But that would mean going inside to get my ticket validated, which would be pretty weird in regular clothes. Thats strange that your nose started bleeding while running! I don't think thats ever happened to me.

  2. Ugh to the bloody nose! I have to say I don't remember ever having one but my youngest son used to get them all the time.

  3. That pumpkin spice donut looks SO good! It's always nice to treat yo'self sometimes :). And I still have yet to experience the free breakfast at Denny's haha, but I have heard about it! Ben totally goes to his gym just to shower and I have too. It's nicer than our bathroom! And fancier... :)
    Have a great week!

    Susie | http://milehighdreamers.com

  4. You had a busy week with lots of friends and food! Now I would loke a donut as well. :) Yes I have totally gone to the gym just to shower, but not often or anything.

  5. Your friend sounds like my husband, LOL!

    A made to order hot donut? Actually reminds me of college (except they weren't made to order, but they were hot and oh-so-good). Man, I had some terrible eating habits back then!

    Sounds like you're right back at it!

  6. Hot donuts sound really good. My mom is going to make apple cider donuts Thanksgiving morning, and I can't wait! I haven't had those since Boston.

  7. Congratulations on your huge marathon PR and placing first in your age group! You definitely deserved a few days of rest. I've always microwaved my donuts so I know I'd like those if they serve them hot and fresh! I'm curious, what type of class is Silver Sneakers? Thanks for linking!

  8. Gosh, I don't think I've had a bloody nose since my last pregnancy (18 years ago). I used to get them frequently when I was pregnant with all Congrats on the PR! three kids.

  9. I think it's really smart to take off after a big race!

  10. Seems like the week was filled with lots of self care! :)

    Nicole @ www.bentomomentos.wordpress.com

  11. Glad you are back up and running after your AWESOME PR! So sorry about the nose bleed though.

  12. Mmmm lots of tasty food here. I haven't gotten a nosebleed on a run, but I was just thinking about it because we've moved to such a dry place. It's bound to happen! Have a great week :)

  13. Congrats on your huge PR from the previous week!
    Love the photo of that pumpkin spice donut - I'm not even a huge donut fan but that looks super yummy!

  14. Duck donuts really is the best! Congrats again on the great PR!
    Those scallops look so good.

  15. Believe it or not, I got a bloody during a half marathon - ugh!! Not fun!

    Congrats on your PR. That is super!!!

    And that donut...yummy!

  16. I have never been to Dunkin Donuts but definitely need to. All of this food is making me hungry! :) Yes, I've gotten a bloody nose while running...twice...while I was pregnant. Never happened before and hasn't happened since. :)

  17. What a perfect week of good food and friends!

    how is your nose feeling? Do you normally get nose bleeds?

    Duck Donuts are amazing! We are getting some on Wednesday just because.

  18. Dennys! Your friend cracks me up!

  19. Congrats on the PR! This sounds like an awesome week... which reminds me, I need to make an appointment to get a massage.

  20. Awesome job and Congrats on your PR, BQ, and age group win! Sounds like a good week post marathon. That's funny your friend wanted Dennys.


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