Birthday Surprise

Today is my sweet girl’s Birthday.  I can not even believe she is 12 years old today. It seems like she should only be 5 or 6.  And still at 12, I don’t feel like I’ve had her long enough.

We are SO thankful that Baylee is still here with us because last year at this time it wasn’t looking too good for her.  At 12 years old, her health is not perfect, but we are managing it the best we can and hoping we are giving her the best life a lab could ask for.  My goal for this year was to have a Shutterfly book made of pictures of her but I tell ya that darn Shutterfly makes things so complicated that I get frustrated. So yea, that did not happen yet. Maybe I can make one as a Christmas present for myself? 

               Today after work I took her to the pet store and we picked out her birthday treat

                                                           As you can see she enjoyed her treat! 

                                                   Here's to 12 more years with this precious dog!


  1. Happy Birthday Baylee! Here's to many more great years in your sweet life!

  2. Oh my gosh.... this just makes my heart SMILE SO BIG!!!!!
    Happy Birthday to your sweet girl! Praying for many more happy years ahead for her <3

  3. Awww Baylee happy birthday sweet girl!! Love love love this!

  4. Happy Birthday, Baylee! She looks so cute in her hat with her treat. :)

  5. I want to reach through the computer and pet her--she's the sweetest! Happy birthday Baylee!

  6. Happy Birthday Baylee! What a good girl, posing so nicely for her birthday picture. :) Paco loves those cookie donuts, too...

  7. Aw... she looks so happy in those photos! Seems like you gave her a pretty good birthday :)

  8. Happy belated birthday to her. She's an adorable-looking dog.

    The Fitness Bro

  9. What a sweet dog! She looks so happy!

  10. Happy birthday Baylee! I'm glad she enjoyed a birthday treat :) I can't help but get Allie a toy or two. I got her a scratching post one year (but that's because she was going after my brand new couch).

    1. I always want to get her cute toys but she hasn't WAY too many!


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