Congrats! And a Peek in Our Week

Do you remember when we talked about running the April Fools race on the Atlantic City Boardwalk back in April? Well after the race we gathered at Margaritaville with some other runners and watched the awards ceremony. Neither of us thought we would win anything but we were there early enough and had a good seat so decided to just stick around and watch. After we left the beach that day, I didn't really even given that race a second thought, until I got this unexpected package in the mail the other day.

 I anxiously tore it open and ripped this nice letter that explained that I had won an age group award and I was sent a sovenier. What a great surprise that was. -L

I stopped going to physical therapy and started my personal training sessions this week. It's kind of funny because my personal trainer is actually my therapist and we use the equipment at the gym where I took therapy.

 I don't know why I did not learn these moves during therapy, but regardless, I am enjoying it and I am learning a lot. I went only 3 days this week but each day I learn something new. I had to skip the last 2 days because I unexpectedly had to get stitches in my abdoman and didn't think lifting weights and stretching would be a good idea. Yes, I find it funny that I have been waiting for Baylee to heal from the stitches on her tummy so we could go swimming, and now I'm the one with stitches on mine! I guess we'll just have to wait another 10 days!  -M

We both took Baylee and Belle for some walks this week. Walking with my dog is sometimes the favorite part of my day.

We met some friends at the park this week. Can you believe that one guy walks all four of these Golden Retrievers every day? Sometimes he even has five retrievers!

Tell us something that you did this weekend?


  1. Congrats on the AG award! I ran a race last spring and came in 2d in my AG, but the race organizer doesn't give awards. Boo on them!

  2. Congrats Lacey on the Age Group award, that was probably a great surprise to get in the mail!
    Meranda, I hope your okay, and the stitches in your abdomen isn't anything to serious! Hope you heal quickly!!!!

  3. Congrats on your age group win and cute key chain prize! How nice that they mailed it to you! Hope you had a great weekend!

  4. ooh what a nice surprise! Congrats! That prob won't be happening around here unless everyone else fails to show up for the race :)

  5. 1) Congrats on your award, 2) and I hope you heal quickly. Baylee and the Goldens look so happy to be in the park!

  6. Congrats, Lacey! How exciting!! Meranda- I hope you're okay!!

  7. Congrats, Lacey! Meranda, I'm glad you're enjoying the exercises. I love learning new exercises! Great pic of so many beautiful dogs!

  8. congrats on the age group award! I love to get unexpected packages in the mail! Keep up with those exercises you will be good as new in no time!

  9. Congrats on the age group award, Lacey! That's awesome!

    Meranda, glad to hear you're enjoying your PT! Walking/running with my dog is quickly becoming my favorite part of the day, too! :)


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