A Peek In Our Week

Hey guys! We hope you all had a fabulous long weekend. We had our family's picnic yesterday so today was sort of low key for us. I stayed home and relaxed, did some yard work, and tried to get our swimming pool cleared up. I just may be giving up on that. It surely is blue enough but looks like blue Kool-Aid in a cloudy kind of way. I keep adding the recommended chemicals and then testing it but my chemistry skills weren't ever all that great and I am confused on which chemical are acids and which ones are bases.

Lacey on the other hand is working in the sky today making sure all the passengers get home from their long weekend safely!

Here are a few things that happened this week.

* I am proud to say I did NO running! I'm really taking this recovery thing seriously. 

* I have been consistent with my biking followed by foam rolling and a series of stretches. I biked 7 days straight. I make sure to go at least 2.5 miles each time but there were a few days were I did more because I was either really liking the music that was on at the time or I was reading some interesting blogs while I was riding. Yes, I am talking about a stationary bike!

*Since I have been resting, I have taken to the Lifetime Movie Channel. I haven't watched Lifetime in FOREVER but two movies I watched this weekend were the Hannah Anderson Story and Nanny Cam. Both which were good.  Anyone else see either of those?  I'm looking forward to the Secret Life Of Marilyn Monroe that is coming on tonight!

bondi band

*I have been loving this new visor that I got. I bought it with the intentions of wearing it with my Alice Costume when I went to California, but really, there was no sun during that race so there was no need to wear it. I love it because it is like a visor connected to a Bondi band. Just to be clear, the band is NOT a Bondi band, but that is what type of material it is like.  The best part about this is that I got it at CVS and I had a 30% off coupon!

purple orange yellow compression socks

* Lacey has been loving the socks that she got from the Pro-Compression Grab Bag Sale! The best thing about ordering from the grab bag is that they just send random colors and designs which is perfect because Lacey always has a hard time making a decision anyway. It always just works out better when someone just picks out stuff for her!

Tell us what you're loving this weekend? Do you have a hard time picking out things for yourself.


  1. Great job on the recovery plan! How long are you planning to take off?

    I love the new disclaimer, btw. What prompted it, tho?

    And I fixed my mobile view of the blog--much easier to read. Thanks for telling me!

    1. I plan to continue to take off the month of June as well. I will be starting with a personal trainer then. The disclaimer is something we had set up for a while but just never published. There isn't really any one particular thing that prompted us to do it, we just thought we should.

  2. The visor is really cute! I haven't watched a new Lifetime movie in awhile, but they did help with some long runs this past winter.

  3. Our pool store tests water for free and tells you what to do, but you must buy what you need from them. Totally worth it. Great job cycling every day! Love the visor!

  4. I love that visor! I like that it covers the tips of your ears so they don't get all that sun.

  5. I almost boight from that sale. I wonder if thry have anything left!!
    Good for you resting & recovering!!!
    I cant handle Lifetime because its so dang commercial heavy. I need to dvr it & then watch the movies with fast forward ready to go.

  6. Glad you are doing well with the recovery Meranda. We had an action packed Memorial Day weekend with golf, two parties (attended not hosted) and lots of pool time.

  7. I know recovery can be so frustrating. I started Pure Barre to help strengthen my glutes since I don't want my weaknesses to flare up again while I'm coming back. I did pack my lacrosse ball when I went to Napa and I made sure to roll every time I was at the hotel.

  8. I love that visor! I need to check my CVS.

  9. We had a pool growing up and I remember my mom agonizing over those chemicals! Way to stick to the resting plan. I ordered a pair of black Pro Compression socks for my husband for his flight to China and one of the grab bag assortments was sent in error. It was super cute with pink and lime green and black, alas hubby did not approve. Haha!

  10. Cute hat!
    Still jealous you have a pool, even if its a lot of work:)
    I am glad you have been letting you injury heal. It sucks to stay less active, but if you can get it healed it will so be worth it, especially when it comes time for your next marathon!
    I am getting ready for weddings (I know, not exactly holiday weekend fun:) But I did let my sister talk me into buying season passes to our local amusement park (It's like Disney, without the Mouse or the princesses its called Lagoon:) My niece thinks I will go with her every day, LOL I told her maybe once a week:) Although I won't lie, they have a new roller coaster that is just being tested now and opens in a few weeks, that is more wicked than any I have seen anywhere in the country and I am super excited to ride that this summer:)
    Love your new visor too, super cute!!!


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