Lilly Pulitzer comes to Disney and 12 more new retailers!

We don't normally post two times a day but we thought this news would be exciting to some of you since we know many of our friends like Lily Pulitzer and lots of people went crazy over it when it recently came to Target.  (If you would like to read our original post today about the Tinkerbell half Marathon you can click HERE).
Downtown Disney springs shops opening
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Lilly, along with 12 other shops/restaurants have just recently signed on to be a part of Down Town Disney's Disney Springs expansion.

Other shops that will be opening include:

Zara- One of the world's largest fashion retailers.

Tommy Bahama- Island Inspired Sportwear.

UNIQLOA - Apparel that comes from a Japanese company that values simplicity.

Pandora-  Jewelry (who doesn't like a Pandora Bracelet, especially when it has Disney charms on it)

UGG: Footwear

L’Occitane en Provence:  An international skincare and beauty line.

Edward Beiner:  Fashionable eyewear.

Dining Locations
  • Edison: An  “Industrial Gothic” -style restaurant inspired by the Edison in Los Angeles.

  • Sprinkles: Cupcake bakery.  I'm excited by this as I think that area needs a good cupcake place!

  • Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza:  Pizza place where guests can customize their own pizza  through an assembly line by choosing from over 40 toppings all for one price.

  • Vivoli Gelateria: Serving gelato made with fresh, seasonal ingredients, panini sandwiches and espresso drinks.

  • Tea Traders CafĂ© by Joffrey’s: A tea room.
I've only ever heard of or been to a few of the retail shops and I have never heard of any of these restaurants. Have you been to any of these shops or restaurants?


  1. Zara and Uniqlo both have cute Disney apparel. Check out their websites!

  2. I haven't heard of any of these shops - I don't think we have any in the UK. The shops in the states are so much better.

  3. Oh how fun! Vivoli Gelateria would be awesome to try out!

  4. There's a Uniqlo in my local mall. The place had a line down the mall when it opened. They have cute t-shirts and cotton button downs. They're inexpensive, but not the best quality ever. We also have a Sprinkles. I used to go over there a lot, but now I have a cupcake place closer to home.

  5. I'm excited about the gelato and the Pandora!! I need to get back to the Disney area :D

  6. How fun! You cannot go wrong with cupcakes and gelato.

  7. Sprinkles is a cupcake shop that was founded in LA and has spread nationally-they are the ones with the cupcake ATM so I wonder if this location will have-that would be fun!
    The Edison is actually my favorite bar in LA-it is housed in an old power plant and has the vibe of a speakeasy/Roaring 1920s place. a lot of the drinks serve absinthe and the like
    Blaze pizza is another pizza chain that is make your own (think subway or chipotle for pizza) that has exploded with locations in LA recently.

    i think it's a bit odd a lot of the things they are building are all based in LA-those 3 plus STK, and others.

  8. No I have not, but I am looking forward to checking them out!


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