We've got a Giveaway for you!

Happy April Folks! The weather really tricked us in our neck of the woods. Last week we were almost believing that Spring was here to stay. AND THEN, yesterday we saw  Snow flurries. WHAT?  Yea, we can't believe it either. 
disney running costume
Speaking of Snow, what do you think of my Snow White outfit? If you've read our Disney race recaps, you know that
I wore this for the Frozen 5k. Look closer, can you see that bow in my hair?  My friend from All Things Disney Bows thought it would be the perfect addition to my outfit and I agree.

In fact, Kim is making bows for us for the upcoming Pixie Dust Challenge. And guess what? She has been kind enough to make a custom bow for one of  you.  We are partnering with her on an Instagram challenge.

Here's how it will work.
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Find this picture:

As you can see, Kim can make bows for all different Disney Characters. These are perfect for a Disney race, as an addition to a costume, or for any little girl (or big girl) that loves Disney!
  I know that she can even make more than what is pictured here. I've even seen her do "Goofy" and "Dopey" inspired bows for all those crazy runners!

Ok, so see you on Instagram.

Who is your favorite Disney Character?

We are linking up this Disney Inspired post with Deb from Focused on The Magic.


  1. My son's favorite Disney character was always Goofy. Even the last time we were there, when he was 11, he had to have his picture taken with Goofy!

  2. Those are so adorable! I love your outfit so much. I've never done Disney races but all your recaps makes me want to do one ASAP! I might have to save up to do one next year :) Bucket list for sure! I have no idea who my favorite Disney character is...Maybe Nala but I don't think she counts since she's a lion. I always seem to like the animals in Disney movies the best..they have great personalities and crack me up!

    1. Nala totally counts! I bet she could make a bow for her too!

  3. The year we moved to Boston in 1997, there was a huge blizzard on April Fools Day. People didn't see the humor in it, I'm sure, but Wisconsin still had snow we had to deal with.

  4. I like Belle from Beauty and the Beast!

  5. Oh my! They are so cute!
    My favourite has to be Belle.

  6. I see Belle is in the other comments... Sorry, no one loves Belle more then me :) #IamBelle :) haha

  7. I love the bows! I always love your costumes. Crazy that you had snow yesterday. Someday warm weather will come, right...?

  8. I met Kim at the Runners Love meet up before Wine & Dine and loved her bows! My mom actually won a Buzz Lightyear bow!

  9. Very cute outfits! And great bows. I hope that the snow leaves you alone!!

  10. Such cute outfits! I'm not a huge Disney fan but if I hat to pick, it would be Ariel.

  11. Those bows are adorable!! I love your outfits! You two know how to run in Disney Style!!

  12. those are super cute! My fave princess is Cinderellla

  13. My favorite character is Cinderella! These bows are perfection :)


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