Holiday Card Swap Update

Hi everyone! We are back from our exhausting Las Vegas trip. Glad to be back on the East Coast but this frigid weather was not a happy welcome this morning. I guess it could be worse, we could have come home to snow.

I just wanted to pop in and tell you all who are participating in the Holiday Card Swap that all emails have been sent out.  You should have received an email with another blogger's mailing address and their blog address.   ( If you contacted us through Facebook, then we responded to you through Facebook so check your messages)

Just in case you are wondering, the way we organized this is we wrote everyone's name and address down on a piece of paper in the order that we received your address.  The person who's name was below yours, is the person you will be sending the card too.  Lacey and I then drew random numbers and then inserted our names on the list there.

If you are unfamiliar with the person who's name was sent to you, please make sure to check out their blog to get a sense of who they are.

The swapping will start next week and all cards should be sent out by December 15. When you receive your card, don't forget to mention it on your blog!

If you need more info, here is the original Holiday Card Swap Post.

If you have any additional questions or find that there was a mess up with someone's blog address or real address, please let me know.  I am in the process of returning emails that some of you had sent pertaining to other things.  Sadly, I had to take my computer to Best Buy while I was on vacation and when Scott picked it up, he had found that the whole computer had been WIPED OUT. I have nothing left on this computer so I will be starting from scratch again! Luckily I was able to save a few things. Needless to say, I'll have a lot of work to do over the next few days!

But anyway, Thanks for participating and happy swapping!

Have you ever lost everything on your computer?  ~M


  1. Yes I have and it SUX! Thanks for the email :) Don't work to hard!

  2. I had a hard drive die when I was in college - it was terrible losing pictures and music, but I also had to rewrite a couple of papers! Thank goodness I wrote rough drafts out by hand first back then. :)

  3. Thanks so much for organizing this in the midst of your busy schedules! And yes, I'm sure it was tough to come back to this frigid weather.

  4. Ugh, I hate computer problems! It's always so scary when something goes wrong because we all practically keep our lives on them now.


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