Lets All Share Our Favorites!

If you have been a reader of our blog from the beginning, we thank you so much for being kind enough to read what we write. If you have just started visiting, we hope that you stick around and become our "virtual friends". 

We put time, effort, and heartfelt thought into each post that we write. With that being said, here are some of our more popular posts ( based on number of views) from 2013.

If you have already seen these posts, thank you for reading them the first time around. If you haven't seen a post or two, we'd love for you to take the time to enjoy them!

In no particular order:
(Our giveaways generate the most views of course, but we decided not to include those in our top 11 list)

Why I am Banning Dicks Sportinggoods.com. This was just posted on a whim actually. It was our second post for the day, and we never post more than once. I was so angry over an issue ( that is still not resolved by the way) that I had to write it.  I was amazed how many views it got in just one hour! Thank you to all who passed it on!
Food and Drink for Runners: An honest Review  This was one of the yummiest posts we got to do. It was great trying all these products.
 Dallas: A City A Show, A Legacy  There was recently a Blogger conference in Dallas so I think a lot of them were looking for some cool attractions. This definitely could have been one of them! Just in time for the new Season of Dallas coming up in a few weeks.

 The Great Race Shirt Debate: This was probably our most controversial post. It is nice to hear everyone has an opinion and no one is either right or wrong!

 A Look Inside Runner's World Headquarters: What a great Company this is. And how fun it was to actually run with the Editors of Runner's World on National Run At Work Day!

The Stick: A Runners Best Friend, Enough Said!
 Things To Know About Disney's SciFi Dine In: For all the Disney lovers who read this!

 I Want You To Meet Dave McGillivray: The Original Forrest Gump  By far the most interesting person I've met in 2013!
My Beach Work Out With Kim Lyons:  Working out with Former Biggest Loser Trainer.
Tips For Visiting Disney Land Paris: Who's ready to put this on their next itinerary?
Which post did you enjoy reading the most in 2013? What was your favorite post that you wrote? Feel free to share your link below!


  1. This is such a great idea for a post! I haven't read all of these yet....but I look forward to catching up!

    As far as race shirts go, I never wear mine until after I finish the race, lol. Superstitious? Maybe. ;)

    Will you be at Boston this year???

    Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks for reading! After running Boston last year, I don't have any plans to run it again anytime soon ( I think)!

  2. I have enjoyed reading your blog posts each day; I always look forward to what you ladies are going to write about!

    And that is so cool y'all have been to Disneyland Paris. It is most definitely on my list of places to travel!

    1. Aww, thanks Lauren! We look forward to your kind remarks!

  3. Looks like I somehow missed some good ones. . must go read now!

  4. Some great reads here. Glad you included the DIsney Paris. We're hoping to go soon. Happy New Year!

  5. What a banner year for you! I'm headed to "Food and Drink for Runners"; I think my taste buds and nutritional needs change weekly! Touché.