Try this snack at the Polynesian

 There has been a snack at Disney we've been meaning to try for a while now and as far as we know, it is only found at the Polynesian resort.

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It's a little bit sweet, it's a little bit salty, it's the chocolate covered bacon!


The chocolate covered bacon can be found at Kona Island, which is a grab and go stand on the second floor of the Polynesian resort. It is located between Kona Cafe and the entrance to the monorail station. 

Best Disney Snacks

On the day of our visit there were three options for the chocolate covered bacon: dark chocolate, chocolate with chili powder, and dark chocolate with pineapple. 

Chocolate covered bacon, best snacks at Disney

We played it safe and went with the plain dark chocolate. 

Chocolate covered bacon, best snacks at Disney

For $4.25 you get 2 fairly thick slices of bacon covered in chocolate. The 2 pieces are stuck together. Pull them a part and it's a perfect snack to share.  Our bacon also had white chocolate drizzled on it. 

Best snacks at Disney

My sister and I shared this snack. I thought my piece was a little chewy.

I was expecting it to be a little crispier but it did have a good flavor. The dark chocolate was good as well. This was a snack we've always wanted to try just for the sake of trying it. However, it was a really good combination of flavors and I would not hesitate to try a different flavor combination. Sometimes they have chopped nuts or other topping on them. The menu states that they have "seasonal selections" so I assume the flavors change based on the season.

Kona Island also sells specialty coffees, teas, and juices. It's the place to go for sushi while at the Polynesian. 

They also sell chocolate covered strawberries, and a variety of pastries and other sweets!
Moana cupcake

Aren't these Moana themed cupcakes the cutest? Disney Tip: We've also seen Moana cupcakes at Captain Cook's quick service location downstairs. 

This place is a good little find for a variety of treats for everyone in your party!

Have you ever had chocolate covered bacon? 

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