Coffee Talk-May

 Welcome to another edition of Coffee Talk.

This is the time of month where we can get off topic and catch up with our other blogging friends and readers. Let's talk about what's been going on this past month!

If we were having coffee, the biggest news I would share with you would be the new addition to our family, Lilly! 

My parents were feeling a void after the passing of Eppie after Christmas. I guess Easter was the perfect time to add another retriever to our family. It was quite a surprise. 

If we were having coffee I would tell you that a lot of time this month was spent preparing things for our neighborhood yard sales. We hadn't participated in those for a while but between my sister, my mom, and I we thought we could throw some stuff together. Boy it feels good getting rid of stuff! 

If we were having coffee I'd also tell you that my mom and I went the the Hershey Spa for an early birthday/Mother's day outing. This time we both got the Chocolate immersion pedicures! I did not create a blog post about this yet, but you can read about our previous experience at the spa HERE.

If we were having coffee, I'd tell you about the Puppy Prom that happened in April.

The puppy prom, Paris prom theme

I know it sounds silly, but the Puppy Prom is a virtual event that is hosted by The Birthday Puppy ( The owner Deb, organizes it with the help of many dog mom volunteers.  You actually purchase a prom ticket through her site. All the proceeds raised go towards an animal charity. This year it was split between several and I believe we raised over $14k.  There is of course a prom theme ( this year it was virtually set in Paris). 

The Puppy Prom, The birthday Puppy

Everyone dresses their dog up in their best Prom attire, some even have dates, and then dog moms take pictures and share their stories on Instagram.  It may be a little silly but it's for a great cause! Sybie's date was Samuel! Isn't he handsome?

Okay, so what did we watch and read in April?

We were hooked on The Night Agent. 

This makes you wonder if you can really trust the government.

And La Brea.

I said Le Brea was like a reverse Manifest. Instead of the characters coming back into the future, they were going to the past. It may have been a bit far fetched, but it was enjoyable and had us on the edge of our seat! 

I read or listened to a good amount of books last month.

You know I enjoy Elin Hilderbrand, but the book I mentioned last month was a flop. I gave her another try with The Perfect Couple, which I really enjoyed because there was some mystery involved. 

I also read Matchmaker which was another blah one. I decided to mix things up and read a Beth Harbison book. I usually enjoy her books too. I read The Cookbook Club. It was a nice story about the characters, but nothing exciting. No suspense, nothing that made me really want to keep reading. But I finished it cus I don't quit

I finished the month with another Hilderbrand book, The Island. This had a good story but was pretty predictable. I wonder if I've read so many Hilderbrand books that I'm starting to get bored with them?

So, this month I'm going back to an old favorite that never disappoints, Danielle Steel.

I have a feeling this month is going to be a busy one. We have plans already for each weekend ahead. I'm definitely ready for summer but I wish time would just slow down.

What would you share over a cup of coffee? -M

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  1. Sybie and Samuel are just adorable in the prom finery! And such good sports too. Cocoa would not be having any of it, lol.

    1. Thank you! I'm so glad they both are not bothered by dressing up!

  2. Oh, welcome to the family, Lilly!
    The puppy prom is a cute idea — you went all out with your outfits and photos — so fun!

    I got too confused with Le Brea. We enjoyed watching Manifest though I’m not sure about the ending.

    1. Did you know there is another season of Manifest coming out in June? It's not quite done yet.

  3. I have already preordered Elin’s new book for June! Also a huge fan. We liked night agent as well. Check out The Diplomat similar kind of show. the new pup is too cute!

    1. Aww yes, thanks for the suggestion. I'll be checking that out!

  4. Omg, puppy prom??? That is the cutest thing ever! And welcome Lilly! You have a lot of dog news this month. And I'm very intrigued by this chocolate immersion pedicure... sounds amazing.

  5. Puppy prom is my favorite thing ever. I would love to wrangle the pugs into formal attire.

  6. How cute is Puppy Prom!!!! So cute! Wow, you read quite a few books. I began one in April and put it aside to read "Choosing to Run". So far I am liking it.


  7. Aww, Lilly is adorable! <3

    I really need to do a massive declutter!! Probably going to start working on that this weekend...

    Puppy prom to raise money for animal charity sounds awesome! <3

    I'm watching The Night Agent with my bf right now but he usually only wants to watch one episode a night (I am a chronic binger :'( ) so we are a little over halfway through right now. So much supsensee!!


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