Sturdy Branches Health Club at Disney's Wilderness Lodge

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If you feel the need to keep up with your workout routine during your Disney stay, you are in luck. Wilderness Lodge ( and the Villas) have a health club available to guests called Sturdy Branches.

Sturdy Branches is like a miniature gym, but is more than just an exercise bike and some weights.

It does indeed have a few treadmills, and regular and recumbent bicycles as well as elliptical trainers. The machines are Life Fitness.

There is also some weight machines and a shelf of free weight.  There is an area with mats on the floor so you can do your own stretches or workouts that may require a mat.  While I was there, I did see a lady with her laptop doing her own workout.

They have some TVs in there too.   But wait, this isn't all.  Around the corner from the workout room is a sauna!

 Now I know that's not the first thing you are going to run to when you are in Florida, but it was fun to have.  Sturdy Branches is located inside the Boulder Ridge Villas. One evening during a rain storm, we were running to our room ( located in Boulder Ridge) and we went in the closest door which happened to lead into the health club. 

We were wet and shivering from being in the rain and we stepped in the sauna for a few seconds to warm up!

                               There is also a men's and women's  locker room.  These are small. 

There are two private toilets, a vanity/sink area, and a shower room. 

  If you are staying in Boulder Ridge, it would make a great second area for getting ready if you are staying in a villa with only one bathroom. I almost thought of coming down and using the area to shower and get ready myself! 

There are two ways you can access Sturdy Branches.  If you are staying in the boulder Ridge building, you can access it on the first floor of the lobby.  you will need to scan your room key or magic band to get in.  

If you are staying in one of the other buildings, you will access Sturdy Branches from the exterior entrance on the back side of the Boulder Ridge building ( facing the swimming pool area).  You will also need to scan your  key card or magic band to enter this way as well.

Although there is a front desk area at the health club, there was no one tending to it the times I was there. If you are a guest of Wilderness Lodge or the villas you can access the health club 24 hours a day. 

Fairytales and Fitness

For those that want to take there workout outside, there is a running trail at Wilderness lodge.  The route is posted in front of  the boulder Ridge building.

                                        You can read about my experience on the trail HERE

Do you check out the resort's gym/health club while on vacation?  -M

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  1. Yes I always check out the workout facility when I travel. Usually it's disappointing and I end up not using it, but this one looks pretty nice!

  2. Looks like a really nice facility. I always check out my workout options when I travel.

  3. I definitely check out the hotel gym on business trips. If I’m traveling with family I’m less likely to use it unless I need to keep up with training for a race. Great idea to use the locker room as a second bathroom. I do often hit up hotel gyms to refill my water bottle.

  4. My bad, I usually just do my own body-weight exercises in my room, and/or figure out an outdoor running route. I"m not much of a gum gal, at home or on vacay, LOL.

    1. umm, that would be **gym gal** (though I don't chew gum either, ha!)

  5. Only if it is raining and I am training for a race. lol. I love the idea of a running trail nearby.


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