A Birthday and new Disney merchandise

 We've complete the first week of June and Summer vacation has official started around here!  

I celebrated a birthday over the weekend and thought I would share some of the fun Disney merchandise that was gifted to me from family and friends .

                      How perfect is this shirt? 

My  sister said she couldn't decided between getting me the pretty pink one or the 50th anniversary collection one, so she got both.

I have a feeling I'll be displaying these beauties all year long! 

     A Disney gift card, a Minnie hand towel, and Mickey clips. All of these will come in handy. Those clips are bag clips but I actually like using them for things I clip together at school! It makes the day more fun ( and decorative).

Mickey lounge wear! I just love the muted colors of these. A lot of times Mickey clothes are bright colors. I just may be wearing these around the Disney resort soon! 

Aren't these Mickey/Minnie hair ties just the cutest.  They are perfect for when you can't wear your ears but want to add a little Disney to your outfit!  

Of course I know that birthdays aren't just about gifts. But because they were Disney related I thought I would share them here. I did recieve some other items that are not Disney related too. I got one of those Cricut machines which I amcompletely intimidated by. I'm not sure what I would use it for but everyone who has one seems to love it. If you have a Cricut, tell me what you use it for and share any tips.

Even without the gifts,  I had a wonderful weekend! I had a fabulous al fresco dinner at a great restaurant with my family. We played some ball games on my Dad's "Field of dreams",  watched the dogs swim, and just spent quality time together!  

My summer is off to a great start! 
How was the first week of June for you?

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  1. I love that tee especially because its like a vintage mickey & Pluto!


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