The Salt Cave Experience

The other week for Galentine's Day my friend and I thought it would be fun to experience a salt cave! I have heard great reviews about them and was excited to try one out.  We went to the  Simply Health Salt Spa near State College, PA. 

There were several services you could do. We chose the salt cave, the jade bed, and the hot butter hand treatment. 

When we arrived
we received little booties to go over our feet and were taken into a small room. Now when I think of a salt cave this would not be the room that comes to mind. There were two lounge chairs with a stool you could prop your feet up on. The floor was covered in Himalayan salt. That's where the booties come in, if you wanted to dig your feet in there. It almost felt like if you were at the beach and you were digging your feet into sand. The lady came in and gave us a blanket to make us more cozy and said there were several salt bags in the basket if we wanted to put then on any part of our body. We each put one behind our back and on our legs, but honesty I didn't feel a difference by doing this. I think it would have been much nicer if they were heated! She also turned on this fan system and said you may smell the salt and start tasting it on your lips. Really? Because none of that happened. I guess I thought I was going to get more of an aroma of it by sitting in this room, but it didn't feel any different then if I was just sitting in a bedroom.  

During this time there was a short commentary that we listened to about how beneficial salt caves are, etc. My friend said she came here before with a huge bruise on her leg for a week and placed a salt bag on it and it went away pretty much the next day. So I guess there are probably some benefits to this, but I didn't experience any.

Next was the jade bed. This was a table you laid on that had massaging balls that rolled down the back of your body. Now this felt great! My only complaint about this is it didn't go all the way down to your legs( where I needed it the most). It stopped right under your glutes then rolled back up to your neck. 

While we were laying there we received the hand treatment.  They wrapped our hands and forearms in Seran wrap then placed mittens on our hands during the 30 mins we were laying on the bed. 

Afterwards my hands did feel very smooth but there was really no service there. I thought they would actually rub something into your hands while massaging them a bit. Now I didn't expect anything major but kind of like when you go get a manicure. But nope, nothing. They just took the gloves and Seran wrap off and said wipe your hands off. 

While I was on the bed my friend was laying right next to me on another bed that was heated, then we switched when my time was up. The bed became a little too warm for me that I decided to head out to the lobby to shop while I waited for my friend to finish.

They had these yummy truffles and some specialty teas while you waited. They also had a bunch of Himalayan salts, lamps, butcher blocks, etc for purchase, along with some hand creams and bath bombs. 

All in all it was a fun afternoon.  I guess in my mind I was thinking it was going to be something much different.  Like an actual " salt cave".

Have you ever been to a salt cave? What were your thoughts?


  1. Never heard of a salt cave, so obviously I have had not had that experience....interesting! Yeah, it would have been nice for the massage bed to go the entire length of your body, but I bet the back massage felt nice!

  2. Sounds like fun but I don't know if it would be a good as a genuine massage!

  3. Hmm, that sounds interesting. I honestly don’t think being in a room with salt would do much good, but it sounds relaxing at least. The place I get pedicures does the best massages—makes their $$$ worth it!

  4. We have a salt cave here. What I’ve heard it’s not worth the $$.

    I bought a salt lamp. Does nothing! Stopped turning it in. lol.

  5. I have never been to a salt cave. It sounds like a fun thing to try but based on your description, I don't know that I would spend a lot of money on it. I already get a massage each month, so that "extra" treat might be too much!

  6. I have been to the local salt cave several times. And to one in Seattle as well. The one here is an actual salt cave -- the ceiling, walls, and of course floor are all salt. It's really relaxing, and there are health benefits -- but to get them, you have to go regularly.

    Ours is also quite large, it fits like 10 people.

    I do have quite a few salt lamps at home. I love them! So cozy.

  7. It sounds relaxing but yes not sure it would do it for me. Have you tried float therapy? That was more of an experience for me

  8. I went with a friend a few years ago and didn't notice much of anything but we had fun catching up. I do like the heated beds though!

  9. I've never heard of anything like this! Too bad you didnt notice any real benefit but at least you enjoyed the bed!

  10. I've heard of these but never tried one. The jade bed sounds nice, I worked at a place with massage chairs and they had the rolling balls in them and it felt so good.

  11. A friend of mine has been talking about going to a salt cave too. I was thinking about it like you, that it would be an actual salt cave! That's good to read your description so I have a better idea of what to expect :)

  12. We have a salt cave close to us - I've never been - but so many people talk about how nice it is... I need to check it out!

  13. I've never heard of or been to a salt cave! That's really interesting about the bruise though. I'd be interested to try it if that's what happens. My bruises last for a long time and bother me.


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