Holiday Chat

Let's Chat about the holidays....

Have the holiday events started for you already? Has your town done their tree lighting?  Are you participating in a Secret Santa at work or church?  Do you have holiday parties planned?  I feel so grateful to have so many things to participate in during this time of year.  My calendar is filling up way too fast, but I am thankful. 

I do so much online shopping that I think Amazon should have a show on TV, where they showcase cool stuff that you didn't even know you needed. But then I remember, Oh, there is already a show like that. It's called QVC!  I admit I am slightly addicted to QVC and half of my Christmas gifts have come from their show! 

Speaking of shopping, I don't do Black Friday shopping and I rarely go to the malls but I always try to participate in our community Late Night Shopping event, which is actually tonight! My sister and I try to go together each year. We have some fabulous shops downtown and it is quite an event.  There is food, wine, snacks, discounts, carolers, and last year the theater gave out bags of popcorn to shoppers. It is quite fun. 

I always listen to the radio in the morning as I get ready for work, and the other day they were talking about tree decorating traditions.  One gentleman shared that he and his wife got married in 1990, and at the time his new wife was working at the Hallmark store and her manager had given her all the ornaments from 1990. So now their entire tree is all Hallmark ornaments from 1990.  Another lady shared that her tree is decorated with ornaments that her and her husband collected while on vacations.  This got me thinking that we don't really have a tradition in decorating our tree.  When Scott and I were first married, we had an idea of getting a Christmas ornament each year from a place we visited. That first year we went to a Charles Dickens Christmas event. We ended up buying this ornament of an old Victorian Chris Kringle with a very long beard ( it was actually quite ugly and I don't know why we bought it). Anyway, It had such a long beard on it that when we hung it on the tree it looked like some kind of critter ( like a rat). One year I decided to cut the beard off.  I haven't hung that ornament on the tree for years, and actually it ended up being the only year we bought an ornament together (besides the ones we got at Disney for our wedding).  So yea, that tradition never really got off the ground and our tree is mostly decorated with Martha Stewart ornaments from K-Mart!

In addition to Late Night Shopping tonight, we have a Santa run and community tree lighting this weekend. Next weekend, we have two Christmas parties and Secret Santa begins at work. The weekend after that we are taking a little trip that will truly change our lives...More details to come or follow along on IG @fairytalesnfit

What holiday stuff do you have to chat about? Any traditions in tree decorating? Have an ugly ornament?  -M 


  1. The past several years, as the kids have gotten older, I've strayed away from all the "kiddie"ornaments they've brought home from school. I still have all of them (because there are so many precious memories of them), but I've used more of the "grown up" ornaments instead, at least on our main tree. I have a smaller tree where I put some of the kids' collections, though.

  2. Anxious to hear more about your trip! Of course my mind is running...hmmm....

    Mike and I have collected ornaments from all our trips over the years. Our tree is bursting! It's fun to reminisce every year when I put it up.

  3. I try to buy a few new ornaments every year. We have a lot of bicycle ones now. I have a few ornaments I made as a kid! My biggest holiday tradition is my annual cookie baking day with friends.

  4. I used to buy a crystal ornament each year (Waterford, Lalique, Baccarat, etc) so I have a full tree of crystal. But then the running-related ornaments crept in...

  5. Oh, way to tease a trip!

    Being Jewish, nope, obviously no tree/ornament stories. I do buy mugs in each state I visit, and that's a tradition that's been going on a very long time. I use them, too! The cats did take out a few of my mugs. :(

    We have a holiday run/party tomorrow night. And it's gonna be a cold one this year!

  6. Wow! A life-changing trip. Sounds interesting. I am not on IG, so I hope you will share with your blog readers too! :)

    Our tree is a hodge podge of ornaments we have bought, ones the kids made, and ones we have been given over the years. It is definitely not one of those beautiful trees I am so jealous of.

    We have several Christmas parties this weekend and next, plus a Christmas run/lunch in 2 weeks.

  7. For us, Ricky & I have picked out 2-4 new Disney ornaments on our anniversary at the Disney store or Hallmark & its why our tree is so full of Disney ornaments... that we actually didnt put up this year. It feels so funny having them all boxed up downstairs!!!
    I love QVC too - my mom constantly has it on.

  8. I am glad to see that I am not the only one who over did the Amazon shopping! One day we had 4 deliveries throughout the day

  9. I got so overwhelmed by the emails that I did little shopping over the weekend. I got some killer deals from Rakuten (formerly ebates) with 20% cash back from some stores and a few I saw on social.

    We had no holiday stuff and then we got a ton of invites. Now we have an ugly sweater run, two cookie parties, an ugly sweater party, a hanukah party, a caroling/look at decorations walk and a Christmas brunch!

  10. I feel like I don't do all that much holiday stuff anymore (I've been pretty far from home/working for most holidays for the last several years) but now that I'm home, maybe we'll be starting up some traditions again! I need to see if my town does anything!

  11. My husband and I like to help crew with the local hot air balloon pilots and so our tree has nothing but hot air balloons on it. We have over 150 of them with few duplicates. We have been given them as gifts or bought when we have seen them. This year, we went to the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta in New Mexico and picked up a few there. I love my tree of hot air balloons.


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