A Sentence a Day: March

I am taking part once again in "One Sentence a Day" with Knit by God's Hand. This post is a quick peek into  my month. You will notice that I spend a lot of time photographing my Labrador.  She is a huge part of my world, so why not?  My March was better than
February but I am still happy it is over. I am ready for Spring!

Friday March 1:  Starting the month off with a 2 hour weather delay!
 #Yay #Whatagreatwaytostartaweekend

Saturday March 2: We're in a book club....Not really but I did enjoy reading my book for the month of March. #ItsaLongOne

Sunday March 3: Just when everything started to melt, we got another slushy snowy mix Sunday night.

Monday March 4: Another 2 hour delay due to weather which was a blessing because we had to stay late for faculty meetings!  #ThatFace #IDidNotWantToLeaveHome

Tuesday March 5: Health problems continue with our Baylee but thankfully my husband made it to the vet before they closed and was able to drop off a "sample" and get more meds.

Wednesday March 6: Finally took some time to run some errands after work without Baylee but I did bring her home a treat. #CanDogsGoToWalMart?

Thursday March 7:  Baylee and I went with my mom and Belle to the pet store so Belle could get groomed and I nearly had a panic attack when Belle jumped off the table and was hanging by her neck for a few seconds!  #TherehasGOTtobeaBETTERwaytoRestrainDogs

Friday March 8: Wore my Labrador Scarf to work today.  #FashionFriday

Saturday March 9: Attended the Annual Hospital Gala. #TheThemeWasSandandSea

Sunday March 10: Had brunch at a new cafe and went shopping for Indoor Spring decor for the house.
 #GotAvacadoSmasherBowl  #CouldntFindSpringDecorations

Monday March 11: My story on the Hospital Gala made the front page of the newspaper.

Tuesday March 12: Today I received a mystery paycheck in the mail from a publication I have not worked for in over a year.????  #Mysterycheck #Isentitback

Wednesday March 13: I've been loving these comfy dresses and bought this one from Amazon!  #ilovegettingclothesinthemail #lazyonlineshopper

Thursday March 14: Happy to see my Magnolia tree is starting to bud!   #SignsofSpring

Friday March 15: Still going to Friday night church service. #Iwillbesadwhenthisendsfortheseason

Saturday March 16:  Had to use my coupons at the Yankee Candle store before they expired! #WeBought6

Sunday March 17: We did nothing to celebrate St. Patrick's day so I stayed home and finished my book for the month of March.

Monday March 18: Enjoyed another sunny day by running errands with Baylee.

Tuesday March 19:  Our new jogging stroller arrived today! #Cantwaittotakeitout

Wednesday March 20: First day of Spring and I found a new way to walk and run outside while bringing Baylee with me! #GameChanger

Thursday March 21: Parent teacher conferences today.

Friday March 22: No school for students but I had to attend in service #2ndtimethismonth #studentshavelotsoftimeoff

Saturday March 23: Did my "monthly" grocery haul.

Sunday March 24: Attended my first soccer game of the season to see our nephew play.

Monday March 25: Planned a late  Spring Break trip. #betterlatethannever

Tuesday March 26: Officially started back into running and it felt SO good!


Wednesday March 27: Had a lunch and learn at work and learned about a healthy Mediterranean lifestyle.

Thursday March 28: Dinner with my girlfriends. # Imissedthem

Friday March 29: Took advantage of this Spring weather and got an evening walk in with my mom.

Saturday March 30: Took Baylee out in the jogging stroller for our first real run!

Sunday March 31: Was a windy day today and I was glad to see March blow away! #HelloApril


  1. So much to comment here!!! First - LOVE you did it for a 2nd month!!!! Isnt it fun to look back at your month?
    *I've seen lots of animals at Walmart. Dont know if its supposed to be that way :) haha
    * I am LOVING that dress from Amazon. I've found some really cute things on there to wear.
    * OH MY GOSH... I say the same thing about the groomers. That's why they wont do Zoe any more because she THROWS herself off the table to try & get away & that's horrifying to me. We actually know someone whose dog choked to death on the table by falling off of it & hanging. The owners had to be called & I just cant even imagine that phone call.... We ALWAYS used to stress to about Bruno being blind so he would just walk right off the table if no one was near him. ... have I freaked you out now? We just groom at home our self anymore.
    *LOVE your scarf!!!! SO perfect for you!

  2. Yikes, that's scary about Belle jumping off the table at the groomers! Glad she was ok. I love all the photos of Baylee :) I think most of the photos on my phone are of my cats too.

  3. What a fun exercise! I love all the pics of Baylee but the first one with the book and glasses is fantastic.

  4. Lots of doggie pics! But I understand, He is a cutie and so photogenic! I am glad we do not get much snow it the south but I did miss not getting any at all this year!

  5. OKay that first picture with your dog and the glasses? I die it's so cute! I have been loving the Amazon clothes lately, have been buying a whole bunch of stuff lately. Oops! Yay for working out again! Get at it!

  6. Your puppy is so adorable!! I love his sweaters and his little stroller!! SUCH a cutie!


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