One Sentence A Day

For Several Years now I have been reading the blog Knit by God's Hand, by my friend Rebecca Jo. She's been doing a series called One Sentence a Day where she sums up one day of her month in one sentence.  I've been telling her literally for years that I'm going to participate, and then I never do because I can't remember what I did every day of the month, but since this month only had 28 days, I thought maybe I could try it!

Of all months to document,
honestly February was one of the most difficult ones for me.  Baylee had a lot of health problems this month plus we had a lot of bad weather days. But on the bright side, that meant some delays and days off school.

Friday Feb 1: Finally had a full day of school this week. #CrazyWeather

Saturday Feb 2: I got to report live from the local Polar Bear Plunge #ThisIsCraziness

Sunday Feb 3: The Sun was out in all its glory and so I decorated my porch for Valentines day. #ThoughtSpringWasComing

Monday Feb 4: My Story on the Polar Bear Plunge made the front page of the Newspaper! #NotFakeNews

Tuesday Feb 5: When I left work this day, I pulled my keys out of my bag and my Flash Drive fell out of my bag and landed in a puddle!!!!  #MyLifeIsOnThatFlashDrive  #ThankfullyItStillWorked

Wednesday Feb 6: Ran some errands with my Baylee and stopped at the pet store and got her a Vanilla Rawhide.  #SheAlsoGotTreats

Thursday Feb 7: I went to the Yankee Candle store and made Valentine Gifts!
   #ArentTheseDarling #IdidNotWaitTillTheLastMinute

Friday Feb 8: Keeping my resolution to attend our Friday night Church Service.  #NowICanSleepInOnSunday

Saturday Feb 9: Saturdays are for sleeping in! #Letthedogoutthengobacktobed

Sunday Feb 10: Made Valentine Cookies! #TheyAreMickeyShaped

Monday Feb 11: Baylee's eating area got a make over when her name decal arrived from Etsy!

Tuesday Feb 12: No School today so I finished up more writing assignments for the newspaper and finally ran on the treadmill.  #Snowday #WorkfromHome #OnlyAMile

Wednesday Feb 13: Two-hour weather delay in the morning and then our Galentines day gift exchange at a local Coffee Shop!  #LetsMakeGalentinesDayATradition

Thursday Feb 14: My husband had to be out of town tonight but left these beautiful flowers for me.

Friday Feb 15: Finished a Novel called "The Trouble with Valentine's Day" and then started a new book.

Saturday Feb 16: Had a surprise visit from my sweet Nana and she brought me Valentine flowers!

Sunday Feb 17: Had to go to a memorial for a dear friend's husband who had passed away.  #LifeGoesSoQuick  #HugYourLovedOnes

Monday Feb 18:My Husband had to take Baylee for an emergency vet visit while I had to go to work.  #OneWorriedMomma  #ThankfulForMyHusband #SheGotMeds

Tuesday Feb 19: Baylee's first acupuncture appointment.  #DogsWhoGetAccupuncture

Wednesday Feb 20: Early Dismissal due to ice. 
 #TookMeAnHourToGetHome #GotToBeHomeEarlyToSeeMyGirl

Thursday Feb 21: Another delay and then errands with my girl. #WeWalkedThePark #WeSawDucks

Friday Feb 22: So Glad it was Friday!  #HelloJammies

Saturday Feb 23: Finally went grocery shopping and then later that night watched the movie "Me Before You"    #IReadTheBook

Sunday Feb 24: Today was a stay in those Jammies type of day and make meals and do Shutterfly.

Monday Feb 25: Wind gust up to 55 mph today....brrr #INeedNewSweaters

Tuesday Feb 26:  Baylee's 2nd acupuncture appointment   #CanYouSeeAlllTheNeedles #IHopeWeSeeImprovement

Wednesday Feb 27: Still worrying about my Baylee. #Iloveher

Thursday Feb 28: Praise the Lord this month is over! #Hurryupspring

How did your February go? Are you glad it's over?  -M


  1. What a great idea!

    I hope Baylee is on the mend. It's so hard when our pups are sick!

    1. Thank you Wendy. I'm hoping Baylee is just going through a rough patch.

  2. I am SOOOOO excited you joined in - its so much fun seeing your month - & ALL OF BAYLEE!!!!!! Love it!
    She looks so happy with you on the jammie day pic!!!!
    & how is the acupuncture working? I love you are doing that for her. I truly believe in that form of medical help.
    I just dont know how people do Polar Plunges. They are CRAZZZZZYYYYYYYYY!!!!!
    Your February just looks like Valentine's was ALL OVER IT - with the hearts & red & candles & flowers.... & pick Mickey cookies!
    Cant wait to see your March!!!

    1. Haha, this took a lot of time to do so I'm not sure if there will be a March! It is said that we need at least three treatments of acupuncture to tell if it is working. It's been really hard to see if it is working right now because she's had a multitude of other health problems this month.

  3. I agree, this is such a great idea but I keep forgetting to write something down for every day and then just can't remember. I love that photo of you and Baylee with the matching PJs :)

    1. There were days I forgot to write things down, so that was hard to remember. For some days I at least had a picture or two to jog a memory!

  4. Aww, Baylee! I hope she gets to feeling better. Do you think the acupuncture is helping?

    If I tried to do this, most of my sentences would be something like "crap I forgot to do a sentence yesterday" LOL

    1. We've only done two treatments so it is hard to tell at this point about the acupuncture. She is dealing with other medical issues too so that makes it extra tricky!

      Oh there were days I forgot too!

  5. Aw, hope Baylee is feeling fine in no time. Our cat is missing; he snuck out Sunday right before it started snowing and we unexpectedly got over a foot of snow. My kids are quite nervous about him still not coming home. That Polar Bear plunge looks crazy!! We have something similar here on Thanksgiving but I have never ever wanted to participate. LOL.

    1. I have NO desire to ever participate in the Polar plunges!!!! I hope your kitty comes home soon. Having a pet missing would break my heart.

  6. Yay, so glad that you are participating! That polar plunge is crazy! And yay for getting the front page! Your hash tags are hilarious! Hope Baylee is feeling better. HOpe you join us next month too!

  7. I just love your hashtags! So funny. Poor old Baylee, he must be very uncomfortable, I do hope the acupuncture does the trick and helps him heal. That polar bear plunge looks insane - how on earth do you do it?

  8. I really enjoyed this post! I got a one sentence a day journal but my entries have been pretty negative lately. :(

  9. So glad you are doing SaD! Enjoyed all of the love you shared for your sweet pup. Hope she is feeling better. My Prince Charming is thinking of trying acupuncture - which I just learned to spell - for chronic back pain. Good to know that it takes several sessions before you can expect to know if it is working.

    I am new to your blog. Tell me how you gals split up the you and your sister take turns? Wish I could talk my sister into blogging with me. What fun!


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