Does your back pain effect your chest?

Yesterday I went to my chiropractor for an issue I've been struggling with going on 3 weeks now (maybe even more).

I first noticed it on a run a while back but thought it was an isolated incident and I really didn't think that it came from running or working out. Even so,  I haven't really done much running since then so I don't know why the pain continued.

I often have a pain in my neck (literally) and it feels like I have a very tight muscle and I can't turn my head all they way to the right side. This comes and goes and I'm not really sure what it comes from. It's always on the same side.

But this time the neck was the least of my worries.  I've been having this pain in my upper back (on the right side) below my shoulder. Any time I yawn, cough, or take a deep breath I can feel the pain in my chest.   I feel so cramped up and have been having Scott crack my back and shoulders every night and believe me, it all cracks!

After feeling this way all week at Disney, I finally made a Chiro appointment which was yesterday.

I told the Dr. what was wrong and as he sized me up, he could tell right away my neck was out of alignment and with one quick whip of the neck he cracked it into place! Wow, I did not see that coming.

Next, I was hooked up to the muscle stimulation machine which I've used before when I would come in for my hip and ITband. I can't say I exactly like this feeling.  If you've never used this machine before, it's electro pads they put on your skin and then its like a million spiders crawling around on your skin in order to stimulated your muscles. It doesn't hurt but sometimes the intensity can be too much and it is uncomfortable.

He then worked on my back and it did feel like every muscle in my body was cracking. It felt refreshing.  When I left there I felt okay but he said if I still feel problems to come back again on Friday.

Not more than an hour later, I felt the same thing. My neck doesn't hurt. but I have the same exact pain below my shoulder and I can feel pain in my chest when I breath, yawn, sneeze or cough.  I told one of my friends about this and she knew exactly what I was talking about and even explained the exact feeling to me before I even told her everything I was feeling. She has felt like this before.

I really don't want to go back to the Chiro on Friday because I'm not sure what more he will do for me other than what he already did. I'm hoping that he at least loosened something up maybe and it will work itself out over the next few days.  -M

Have you ever had this feeling? If so, what does it come from?


  1. I have that same back pain - what is with that spot?? It doesn't affect my chest, though. Honestly, if the pain came back so quickly after the first chiro visit, I wouldn't go back. Maybe a physical therapist visit is in order? I've wondered about doing that, myself. Hope you figure out how to make the pain go away and share it with us!

    1. A friend mentioned to me that it might be precocial catch syndrome. It's suggested that it can come from poor posture which I know I definitely have.

    2. Gee, as I'm reading this I'm slumped forward, chin in hand on desk...poor posture? Guilty. Off to go investigate.

  2. I carry tension in my neck and shoulders, and my chiro does a good job massaging it when I see her. I know I need to relax more, but a lot of times, I don't feel the tension. I felt it yesterday though, with some things going on recently.

    1. I had two massages this summer ( when I wasn't in pain) and both times they said I carried a lot of stress in that area. I had nothing to be stressed about so I just shrugged it off.

  3. The chiro freaks me out - when I had to go for my low back, they always wanted to crack & pop my neck & I refused to let them. I dont like those quick motions of the neck.
    But I will say, I do love a good TENS unit. I use it on my arm, knee, back... you can buy them off Amazon ;)
    I still swear by my inversion table for my back. Pull everything from the bottom up all back apart.
    If you are still having chest issues, like lung issues with the coughing or deep breaths, it may warrant a docs visit though.
    I get some HORRID neck pain though every now & then... I have to really watch how I sleep & the pillow levels.

  4. when I have gone to a chiro in the past, I've found I only get temporary relief like you did. I am no Dr but it does sound muscular. Perhaps regular massages would help you more

  5. Hmmm I never had that feeling! Maybe regular massages would help?


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