Sunday, June 11, 2017

Weekly Wrap..June 11

Hello and welcome to another edition of the Weekly Wrap #SummerEdition!

Last week I mentioned that I didn't know how much running I would get in due to rain in the forecast. Turns out, it didn't rain at all and I got to do all the runs I wanted to.

Monday I had a pretty good run with some hills and I encountered this odd situation. Overall it was a good (although hot) run!

Tuesday was a rest day. I vowed to make it my strength training day, but that didn't happen.

Wednesday I did not feel like a run at all but it is amazing how your mindset can change when you bargain with yourself. I went back down to the park but instead of running through the park and up on the the bridge, I ran through the trail in the woods. For some reason I always feel more relaxed when I run through the woods. It's more shaded and I know I need to be extra cautious due to roots and uneven surfaces but THIS IS a good thing for me because I don't worry about pace and time. I think for me, running in the woods is my excuse to take it slow which makes for a more relaxing run for me.  And in the end, most times my pace isn't as bad as I think anyway. It's all totally a mind game!

Thursday I did another run and this one will go down in the books as one of those memorable runs for sure. I was stopped in my path because I encountered a crime scene. I'm not joking here.  I do believe this will end up one of those Dateline Mysteries on TV. I will write about it in tomorrows post so please check back.

Friday I finally made it back to the Rail Trail! Unless I'm training for something long distance, I usually don't make it to the Rail Trail on a weekday but since it's summer I'll be going more often now! Although it was super hot and my feet literally felt like lead, it did feel good to be back on the Rail Trail. I'm looking forward to downloading some audio books this summer and doing some log walks there!

I haven't run 4 days a week in a while and I can tell that if I don't do some strength training in addition to this running that I'm going to end up seeing an old injury come back.  I'm going to take it easy this week!   Please be sure to check out my post tomorrow! -M

We will try to link up with Holly and Tricia for their weekly wrap!


  1. I swear, you have the most interesting runs! LOL!

    I wrote about bargaining with myself to run today as well! I'm glad I went--as always.

  2. That's awesome that it didn't rain at all this week for you! Congrats on all the running you were able to get accomplished this week as well. Running is the same way for me - I'm back to running 4 days a week now for marathon training, but I know that strength training helps to keep me somewhat injury free.

    Thanks for linking up for the Weekly Wrap!

  3. the strength training! I have scaled back my strength training a bit (due to the crazy mileage recently), but I plan to get back to it on a consistent basis (after I've recovered from the marathon). Curious about that crime scene....

  4. I am back to strength training after a few weeks off. Its so important to prevent injuries! Glad you were able to make it back to your trail!

  5. Good on the weather but yikes on the crime scene!

  6. Yes I'm determined to keep up my strength training too to prevent injuries. I can't believe you came across a crime scene!

  7. I have slacked off my strength training since taking off for summer from teaching classes. My mileage has dropped too though. Great job to running 4 days!

  8. I am itching to add in some more run days again as well but also worried about old injuries coming back. The dilemmas of a runner!

  9. That looks like such a lovely place to run. Crime scene? Yuck! I kind of love/hate when they forecast rain & it doesn't happen.

  10. OK, I'm intrigued. I certainly hope the scene wasn't for anything serious.

  11. You really do encounter some interesting things on your runs! I'm thinking it's time for you to start carrying a weapon of some sort! :)

    Great job of getting so many miles in this week ...especially in the heat!

  12. I feel the same way about running in the woods. Somehow it doesn't feel like running as much as it does just having fun!


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