Those Free Boxes

I've mentioned before that I am a member of Influenster and often get their Vox Boxes. Who wouldn't love getting fun little surprises and better yet, it's free!

Since I enjoy the Vox Boxes, I recently signed up for the Wal-Mart Beauty box. I have read about other bloggers who have done it and I thought it might be a good time to get some new products before I start back to school in the fall.  After cleaning my bathroom and going through all the extra "stuff" I have I questioned myself on why I even signed up.
beauty box subscriptions

First off the box is completely FREE!  You just pay $5 for shipping. From what I've seen others get, the amount of product way exceeds the $5 anyway so why not give it a try. I asked one of my blogger friends if everyone gets the same products in their box and she mentioned that it was personalized  and  said that "us young folks would probably get different things than what she got". I remember her saying that there is a survey to fill out which determines what you get. I remembered all of this AFTER I signed up. I did not remember filling out any survey but I did put in my birthday. Hmmm, I bet they send you products based on your age?????   Okay folks this is the ONLY time I ever told a little fib about my age.  I didn't want under eye cream and serums for wrinkles so I made myself a little younger than I actually am. I wanted to get fun stuff in my box like nail polish and hair ties!

Okay so even before my box came I had a mental list of things I did not want/need and a list of stuff I was hoping for.

Things I did NOT need
Shampoos and conditioners
Body Washes
Wrinkle cream

Things I hoped for
Deodorant (who couldn't use that)
Hair ties
Nail Polish
Any cosmetics

What I got
free beauty box subscription under $5
First off, the contents in this box were packed in the most wonderful smelling tissue paper.  I couldn't really tell if it rubbed off from one of the products inside the box because nothing I received had that same smell.

1. Best Product in the box ( in my opinion): Full size Vaseline Intensive Care healing serum.   I love the Vaseline moisturizing lotions and I use them regularly, so I know this product cost $7.97 which was way worth the cost of shipping for this box!

2. Full size  Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick: The color is Galdiolus which is a bright red. I've been wanting to get a red lipstick anyway for certain "fun" occasions but this is definitely not something I would be wearing everyday. I don't normally wear Revlon lip color but for the sake of this post I looked up the cost of it and ironically it is also $7.97. I also got a $1.00 coupon off my next Revlon lipstick.

3. Sample size L'Oreal  restoring shampoo, conditioner, and repair treatment. I didn't need any more of this stuff so I wasn't overly excited about it.

4. Sample size of Burt's Bee Renewal firming Serum ( apparently my memo of my "younger" age did not go through in

5.Sample of Micellar cleansing water, which is some sort of facial hydrator. It came with a $2.00 coupon as well. I don't see myself using this. If anyone wants it, let me know!

Final Review:  I am very pleased about the Vaseline moisturizer because I would have bought it anyway, but the rest of the stuff I could take or leave.  This was considered the "Summer Box". I think now that I signed up for this subscription that I should be getting a "fall" and "Winter" box as well.

Another Summer Box I received recently was the SunshineVox Box. This is COMPLETELY free compliments of Influenster. You don't even have to pay shipping!
subscription boxes

Seeing this bright yellow box on my doorstep earlier this summer was enough to immediately put me in a great mood. I was excited to see what was inside.

My favorites so far are the Sinful Colors nail polish ( which I am currently wearing), the color is called Thimbleberry and the Vaseline Spray. As you know I am already a fan of the Vaseline moisturizer. I just started using spray- on sunscreen this year and have become a fan, so I thought the spray moisturizer was fun!

Other products in my box: Dickinson's witch hazel cleansing cloths ( and several coupons for it), Infusium moisture replenish leave in smoothing crème, Blue Diamond Sriracha Almonds, and a coupon for a free package of Barkthins.

I have gone to a few local store and have not been able to find the Barkthins. I finally went on the website to see which stores carry them and I hope to get them sometime this week.  I'm not a fan of spicy things so I was going to share these Sriracha Almonds with Scott when he comes back from his trip.

Which items would you be excited about? Have you ever tried Barkthins? If so which kind? I think the chocolate covered pumpkin seeds might sound good.    -M


  1. I really need to sign up for Influester! That's an awesome box - I see almonds and I'm sold!

  2. Ooh... they sell barkthins in the little store by my office. I tried the chocolate mint ones and they were really good. So much so that I never got them again because I could see myself eating the whole thing in one sitting.

  3. Very cool box! Looks like Walmart is trying to change their image.

  4. i have tried bark thins and they are yummy!!!

  5. That thimbleberry is what I wore this weekend... the lady at the counter said it was the most popular color & everyone was buying it - she knew the name just looking at it.

  6. Very interesting, I didn't know Walmart did anything like this! I have never tried barkthins but they sound good!

  7. I am such a sucker for all that stuff! I heard about the Walmart box somewhere too but can't remember where. Fun! Who doesn't love free stuff?

  8. Thanks for sharing about the Wal-Mart box! I'd never heard of it until now but I just signed up for my own box. Can't wait to compare what is selected for me versus what you got!

  9. It looks like the Walmart box was worth the $5 price tag. I agree that shampoo and conditioner would not be on my list either. You could donate them to a woman's shelter because they definitely need that sort of stuff. I guess I am too picky to want to try the boxes. I joined Influenster a couple years ago, but have never followed through. I did receive a Runner's Box once and Christine received a Pop Sugar box and both of those were pretty good.

  10. You got some great products! I see Bark Thins all the time at Giant Eagle, but I hate the crispy parts of brownies so I always pass. I wish I got vox boxes like these..lately I've been getting crappy ones like coupons and pads. wtf!?

  11. I joined influenster, but I never really get anything from them. I did get a Victoria's Secret sports bra from them, which was awesome and I love it, but that it.

  12. I love the Walmart boxes- I always get something that way exceeds the $5 mark- I got the lipstick too- nice to have for special occasions and I didn't have to buy it myself! I get a couple of things here and there from Influenster but never the vox box like you get. Nice review!

  13. I love the idea of the box subscriptions & love to see what people get. But when I had mine, I just could not use everything & even had a hard time giving things away to friends. It's cool that this one was free!

  14. I got my first VoxBox earlier this summer and it was awesome! (I'm pretty sure I found out about them from one of your posts.) There were things I would have never tried and I ended up loving a lotion, too. I may look into the Walmart box. I don't need more samples, but I really enjoy getting mail and trying new things. ;) By the way, those spicy almonds sound good!

  15. The Vox box looks great and I'd be excited to try many of the things inside. Bark Thins are absolutely delicious and completely addictive. We can find them at Costco here but outside of that I'm not sure where to pick them up. As for the Walmart box I think I could take or leave the products in there. Thanks for sharing. I'm always curious as to what is inside these various box subscriptions!

  16. I got the Sunshine box as well...I had to hunt for the bark thins too and finally found them at Target....worth the hunt!! They were awesome!

  17. I'll need to look into this - sounds like fun to try the different products. I like your story about changing the age a bit... I would do the same ;)


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