Friday, December 26, 2014

Dogs of Christmas

It's no secret that we are crazy about our dogs! We can't help it but these yellow bundles of fur are just too darn cute! For today's Friday 5 we wanted to share some of our favorite holiday pictures of our Baylee and Belle. If you follow us on social media you may have seen one or two of these.

This little elf wanted to go for a christmas run (She didn't, but Belle

Anyone for a motorcycle ride? 

Is the doctor in?

It's too early. We need coffee!
Baylee was such a good girl and wore her christmas hat the entire time we traveled! 

Hope you all had a fantastic holiday.

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  1. Aw your dogs are so game! Love them, very cute. :)

  2. Awww! I love my dog but she's not a fan of the camera. Yours are so cooperative!

    1. O my, as soon as Baylee sees a camera she sits down. She is well trained!

  3. Ahhh - love this. Your labs are so beautiful!

  4. So cute! There's no way Buddy would keep a hat on :)

  5. I love your puppies and what adorable photos!

  6. Absolutely adorable dogs! I have two labs that rule my world...they are my babies :)

  7. I may or may not have emitted a happy squeal when I saw these pictures. <3 So adorable!

  8. Super cute photos! I don't think our l would appreciate the hat to much! but he does love lots of attention!

  9. aww!! so doggone cute (pun totallyunintended) :)

  10. Omg! Those dogs are SO cute. We dressed our cat up this year and he loved it. I thought he would try and get it off straight away, but he was prancing around in a dress haha.

  11. Hehe how cute! I have a yellow lab named Bailey too. How did you get them to wear those costumes!? I tried to put cute bandannas on Bailey when she was a pup and it drove her nuts!

  12. Great photos! Love dogs in costumes/hats :)


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