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Welcome to another Peek in our Week!

I would say that this week was full of successful workouts for me. I either ran or rode bike and I remembered to get in some stretching too. Monday I rode 14 miles on the bike, Tuesday I ran 6 miles and then rode another 13 on the bike, Wednesday I rode 15 miles on the bike, Thursday I actually did housework ( and I did stretching), and Friday I did a VERY long run! -M

The weekend was very busy as well. Saturday I went to a "Grinch" event for work. Yes, the big green Grinch was there! I then got to cheer on some runners at our town's Running of the Elves 5K.

I was kind of disappointed that more runners did not dress festive for the race. I tried to get pictures of the ones who did.

I was debating on whether or not I wanted to run this race. I didn't sign up because last year the runners ran in a snow storm and I am a wimp and didn't want to run in the cold. It turns out that it wasn't even that cold out this time. I kind of wish I would have ran but after Friday's long run, it's probably better that I didn't.-M

Last week I bought these South Beach snack smoothies because they were on sale and they seemed like a good idea at the time. I bought a 4 pack of Strawberry Banana and a 4 pack of Chocolate Truffle.  You know we are always honest with our reviews, so I'm gonna tell it like it is. The Strawberry Banana tasted like something you would drink because you had a belly ache.  I could barely get it down and to be honest I didn't even drink the full  bottle.  The chocolate one was a tiny bit better, it had a better flavor because it actually tasted like chocolate but I didn't drink a full one of those either.  I would have to give these smoothies 2 thumbs down! -M

A few highlights for me this week included getting all my Christmas shopping done, a lot of runs on the treadmill,  one run outside to see if I could find some items for the #RunChat scavenger hunt, and a game night with some girlfriends from college! -L

I was sent this free coffee creamer from Nescafe from Smiley 360 to review. I will say that it was okay and good in a pinch but I prefer liquid creamer and I like the flavored ones. This one was plain.  We also have a coupon  for Nescafe to share with our reader. If you drink coffee and want a coupon, click HERE.   -L

Lastly, our giveaway for A Rose So Sweet adjustable headbands will be ending tonight. However, Liz ( the owner) has given us a discount of 20% off to pass along for our readers.  Use code "SAVE20" at check out.  This offer expires Monday at midnight!  If you order by Monday night, you will still be able to get your headband by Christmas!

 We hope everyone had a great weekend! Tell us what you did this weekend.  If you drink coffee, what is your favorite creamer?


  1. I love coffee but Im not a fan of creamer.(I actually just drink my coffee black). This weekend I actually drank quite a bit of coffee and some wine with my college friends- it was great!

  2. I don't think I could ever drink coffee black.
    Can never go wrong with coffee and wine:)

  3. I used to always drink my coffee black, but I got a stomach bug last year and ever since then it hasn't sat right. Now I have a little milk in my coffee, but pretty much never use creamer.

  4. I ran a half, and I too like the flavored coffee ones.

  5. Running of the Elves! Best race name ever! Have a great week, ladies.

  6. Sounds like you both had great weeks!
    If I had been running the race, I would have been one of the boring non festive runners. I know totally bad! I've never dressed up for a race before, maybe one day I'll have to change that:) But anyhow, that is nice of you to get out and cheer for them even though you didn't participate, that is definitely having the Christmas spirit!

  7. I got in a few extra spin classes this week too. I love biking outside but it's too cold. I love the pics from the Holiday runs-so cute!

  8. I put chocolate soy milk in my coffee. I don't know if I could drink anything named South Beach! I bet the ingredient list wasn't too "natural"!

  9. I actually don't like coffee unless it has a LOT of chocolate and sugar in it :)


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