NEW: Now your Disney Photos are linked to your Magic Bands!

When you plan a trip to Disney, you more then likely will log on to My Disney Experience and you will more than likely get your self a Magic Band.

Disney has announced that all guest who were active Magic bands can now have  Attraction Photos associated to their My Disney Experience account. All attraction photos that were taken in a 45 day time frame will be included.

If you don't have a magic band, no problem, you can still have your attraction pictures associated to your MDE account via your park ticket ( or memory maker card if you should have one) and a new touch point photo preview wall.

This function is currently available at the following attractions:

*Buzz Lightyear's Space ranger spin
*Space Mountain
*Splash Mountain
*Rock n Roller Coaster
*Tower of Terror

By mid November Disney hopes to implement this functionality at the following attractions:
*Test Track
*Expedition Everest

Not only will you be able to see attraction pictures on your MDE, you will now be able to see videos that previously only guests who purchased the Memory Maker package would see.  Attraction Videos are now available for:
*Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
*Tower of Terror

of course all those "Magic Shots"  ( you know those ones that photo pass photographers take and then but an overlay on it), will also be included on your MDE.


  1. So...does this mean I don't have to buy Memory Maker anymore? That can't be right?!! Disney giving us some free stuff??! ;)

    1. This option lets you view the pictures on MDE. You will still need Memory Maker in order to download them though.

  2. Magic bands sound so cool. Last time I went to Disney they did not exist yet.

  3. This is great! My first trip and first time with Magic Bands is coming up- can't wait! :)

  4. I am soooo excited to use my Magic Band in January! Last year, I only had it for the one night I stayed on property, so I didn't really get to do anything with it. I'm going all out this year haha


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