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We missed linking up with the Coffee Talk link up last week due to being on vacation, but we didn't want to miss doing our monthly recap.

If we were having coffee this month, what would I share?

Well, let's recap the month.

Our family had a 4th of July picnic that weekend and towards the end of the picnic, our area went into a code red warning for a tornado! We all gathered in the garage. Luckily our area did not get hit but ironically the Fireworks store in the next town got hit. It blew the roof right off and several cars in the parking lot were damaged. What are the chances the Fireworks store is destroyed the weekend before 4th of July?

On the actual 4th, Lacey ran the annual 4th of July 5k and won an age group award. 

We then had lunch at my house and let the dogs have their pool party! Little Lilly is becoming such a good swimmer.

Later in the month, my mom, sister, and I took a trip to Sarasota, Florida. We enjoyed the beach and exploring the town. Did you know that Sarasota is a circus town? The Ringling family was very influential in that town and many of the buildings, roadways, and schools are named after them. We even went to some of their museums. I hope to do a post on our time there in the future.

I have been spending a lot of time with my nana lately, She had a fall and broke her wrist, so now she needs more help than usual. Her cast comes off at the end of August, which is perfect timing because I will have to go back to School shortly after that. 

Sybie had her annual visit to Metro Vet for her allergies. She seems fine, but her liver values are elevated which concerns me, but the vet said it could just be stressed and we can check them again in 6 months.

 But really, what does this dog have to be stressed about?

Since it's summer, I haven't really had any series I've been watching lately and I haven't read any books. I got a new magazine subscription for Christmas that I said I would keep up with, and I'm already falling behind.  I jut got my August/September issue in the mail and I haven't even finished reading my June/July issue yet!

Oh and one more noteworthy thing, We've done 7 blog posts the month of July! That's a big deal for us these days. We haven't done that many since 2018! Prior to that we use to publish an average of 20 blog posts per month!  We've cut back to just posting on the weekends ( and sometimes special link ups).  

What's been going on with you? What did you do in July?  What is your blogging schedule like? Do you post more or less now than when you first started blogging?

Till next time, M & L

We will try to link up with our blogging friends Coco and Deborah for the Ultimate Coffee Date and the Running on the Fly for the Weekly Run down.

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