One Sentence a Day -January

I'm joining my friend Rebecca Jo for One Sentences a Day for the month of January.

I know Rebecca doesn't usually publish her's until Tuesday, but since Friday's have become our blogging day I thought I would get it out a little early.

Wednesday- Jan 1- Rang in the New Year with my family. #NewYearNewDog

Thursday- Jan 2- Happy 87th Birthday to my Pappy! #87NeverLookedBetter

Friday- Jan 3- Continued the birthday celebration by bowling with my Pap and family! #RockNBowl

Saturday- Jan 4- Put away the Christmas decorations. #MatchingPJsOneLastTime

Sunday- Jan 5- First run of the new year and First Snow of the New Year.
#ItwasATreadMillRun #ItWasOnlyADustingOfSnow

Monday-Jan 6 - Sybil's first day of Puppy School!  #IThinkSheMightBeTheClassClown

Tuesday-Jan 7- Started snowing when I got home from work. #WhatAPrettySight

Wednesday- Jan 8- Our first snow day of the year! #WeStayedHome

Thursday-Jan 9 - Worked on homework for puppy class! #SheNeedsExtraCredit

Friday-Jan 10 -Felt like a quick week! #NotAFullWeekOfWork

Saturday- Jan 11- A 70 degree day in January had us out doing a run/walk on the trail. #YesPlease

Sunday-Jan 12-Worked on our Murder Mystery Game #DatelineInABox

Monday-Jan 13 - Week two of Sybil's puppy school. SheMightBeABully

Tuesday-Jan 14 - A Rainy day kept us inside. #WeDontMind

Wednesday-Jan 15 - Sybie gets her shots at the vet! #Ouch

Thursday-Jan 16 Sybie and I both had a "stay at home" sick day. #IWasSick #SheWasSore

Friday-Jan 17- Went to the movies to see "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood".

Saturday-Jan 18 - We got Snow! #PlayedWithDogs

Sunday-Jan 19 - Bought some decorations for my classroom. #LotsofDisneyDecor

Monday-Jan 20- Spent the day preparing for the new semester by decorating my classroom! #NeededALadder

Tuesday-Jan 21 -Spring Semester Starts #NewStudents

Wednesday-Jan 22- Went Shopping and bought a Valentine's gifts and an early birthday gift for a friend.  #ImPrepared

Thursday-Jan 23 - My leaky tire was due to a NAIL being stuck in it!  #GladItCouldBeFixed

Friday-Jan 24 A great visit with my Nana followed by a movie night where we watched "Pick of the Liter and Sybie was SO intrigued. #LoveMyNana

Saturday-Jan 25 - Was a rainy day so decided to take a local yoga class. #FeltSoGood

Sunday-Jan 26 - So thankful for all the stores that are pet friendly (and those that probably aren't but don't kick us out)!  #SybiesDayOut

Monday-Jan 27-This week at  puppy school we are working on the command "Leave it"

Tuesday-Jan 28 - I finished my book for January! #NotVeryInteresting #ThankfullyItWasAShortOne

Wednesday-Jan 29- Introduced Sybie to my favorite park for the first time! #WeWalked  #IRanPushingTheCart

Thursday-Jan 30- Finally getting a bit of a rest day.  #IneedIt

Friday-Jan 31 - Out smarted a puppy and packed up everything in my room that is below three feet! #NowLeaveThat!

And that's a wrap with January! I am surprised I was able to record a little something for each day. It is actually sort of fun to be able to look back and see how you spent the month. Thank you Rebecca for keeping me motivated!  -M


  1. I like the One Sentence summary! I do a similar thing with my gratitude journal every night. It's fun to look back and see all the gratitude and remember the events that made it all possible.

  2. Sounds like a fun month! I love all the cute photos of Sybil :)

  3. I love this idea for a post - such a great way to recap and think about the month.
    Overall it was a fun month for you.

  4. That's fun that you stuck with this challenge for the whole month!

  5. What a fun way to look back on the month! Similar to a puppy who likes to get into things, I have a 1 year old who I am trying to keep everything from. I've spent the whole month trying to baby proof and I still have a ways to go.

  6. I do Thankful Thursdays with Rebecca Jo. She is such a nice person. I really enjoy interacting with her. I should try this one sentence a day format. Maybe for February! You had a busy month!

  7. What a fun idea! I love this. I'm going to check out this blog! Thanks for sharing.

  8. I love your hashtags so much. Cracking up of the progression of Sybil in puppy school. Is she still the Class Bully?
    I feel like we're watching her grow just in this one month. They grow TOOOOO FAST!!!!
    Be sure to link up with us tomorrow with this <3


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