Runfessions and Something New

It's the last Friday of the month, so that means it's Runfession time.

I haven't participated in a Runfession in a while, partly because I keep forgetting about them.

So here goes,

Runfess that I thought about putting running on hiatus for the rest of the year. It's not that I'm not enjoying running, because I am, I just wanted to use my time in other ways.


That feeling of putting running on hiatus quickly faded during Monday's run! I Runfess that this was the best run I've had in a while. So much so that I set out for my normal 3 miles and ended up running 4, and then running 5! I think this was my first real FALL run  and it felt amazing.  I'm hoping that I can get several more runs in like this one before the weather changes again.

I Runfess that I had several "road blocks" on my trail run the other day but that did not deter me.  I also Runfess that I did a lot of jumping over said road blocks and I think that is when I lost my pepper spray.

I did not notice that I was missing my pepper spray until I finished my run and was back at my car. After already running 5 miles, I was ready to go home and figured I would return the next day to retrace my steps.

I Runfess over the years I've lost a few things on my runs; my headband, my phone, and I'm sure a few other things. Fortunately I've always found what I've lost.  Because of the bumpiness of where I was running, I thought for sure I knew where I would find the pepper spray.   I did the 1.5 mile loop where I thought it was but it wasn't there.  I could have retraced all 5 miles but the rest of my route was pretty flat and so I doubt it fell out there.  Someone probably found it on the trail and picked it up.  I Runfess I've had the pepper spray for several years now and I feel like I read on someone's blog that it should be replaced often because it loses it's effectiveness over time.  Is that true? 

How often do you replace your pepper spray?  -M

Thanks to Marcia for sharing her idea of Runfessions

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  1. I runfess that I don't carry pepper spray but probably should!

    Thanks for keeping the link-up going!

  2. I don't carry pepper spray either--so no advice there!

    Fall has definitely brought some better running, that's for sure!

  3. I used to carry pepper spray but stopped because I was worried I wouldn't know how to use it properly or it would be used against me. I wear a Run Angel now which makes a loud noise and alerts someone if you press a button. Ive been loving running in this fall weather!

  4. I think when you know you are running just because you want to, it can be more enjoyable. Plus fall weather! Bummer on losing your pepper spray, but maybe it was the universe's way of making you get a new one. Thanks for continuing the link up!

  5. Maybe just have in your mind that you will only run when you feel like it? Take a hiatus from running "just because" or because you think you "should" and run when you are in the mood or you know you will enjoy the weather? I forgot my pepper spray on my 8 miler on the AT after work on Wednesday! I wished I had it! Thanks for continuing the Friday 5. I really like this link up!

  6. Yay for a great run!!!! As much as I love summer, believe it or not, I do enjoy fall running...we just have not had much of it in Iowa. It's been so cold and rainy most days...and it feels like late November.

  7. I am attempting my comment again. LOL Maybe it will work on my computer instead of my phone. I think it is pretty amazing that you find everything you have lost on a run. I run mostly on the treadmill so I do not have this issue but I have lost, and not found, many things on the golf course.

  8. I lost my pepper spray once. I was super sad!

    I hope the Friday Five linkup lives on! It was fun co-hosting with you!!

  9. I just had this conversation with coworkers - we've had issues with homeless people getting in our work building (someone tried to break in overnight) & walking to & through the parking garage, I need to get some new pepper spray! I need to add that to my list for the weekend!

  10. This amazing fall weather can certainly bring back the love of running after a super hot summer!

  11. It's so nice when your planned run goes way better than expected!

    Glad that you will continue to have the Friday Five linkup! :)

  12. I runfess I never have had pepper spray and worry I'd spray myself!

    Thanks for keeping the link up going!

  13. I'm glad you had a good run! I think the pepper spray I did own is about...13 years old by now so it's most definitely completely due for a replacement. (I'm also not sure how often it needs to be replaced though!)

  14. Well now I'm curious - what would you be doing if you weren't running?

    I've heard that pepper spray loses its effectiveness, so of all the things to accidentally drop during a run, that one was probably OK.

  15. I’ve had my pepper spray for years but I need to replace it! Mine does have an expiration date on it. I’m glad you had a good trail run!!

  16. It seems like every time I feel burned out with run I have a good run and I change my mind again. It's kind of like having a good hair day the day before a haircut appointment. :-)
    I don't carry pepper spray but I would love to have a taser. Lol

  17. That is so funny....Debbie from another running blog just wrote about FINDING a pepper spray on one of her morning runs. I wonder....

    So glad you had a great run and changed your mind about bagging running for the rest of the year! :)

  18. I've lost a bottle out of my fuel belt, never to be found again, that's all I'm aware of losing. But now I'm thinking my pepper spray is waaay past its prime. Haha!


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