If you didn't run...

The other day I came home from a run and threw my sweaty running clothes into the clothes basket. I looked at that basket as it was almost overflowing with just running clothes from the past week and I thought to myself Geeze if I didn't run, I wouldn't have so much laundry. Amen, right?

So of course it got me thinking, what else?

If I didn't run... I'd be saving a lot of money on running gear and race registration.

If I didn't run... I'd have a lot less aches and pains.

If I didn't run... my feet might look a little better, maybe.

If I didn't run... I'd have a lot more time to work on other life goals.

If I didn't run...I would have saved a boat load of money on physical therapy.

If I didn't run...I'd have a lot more room in my closet.

All that sounds pretty good, right? 


If I didn't run ...I would miss out on meeting so many great runner friends.

If I didn't run... I wouldn't have such an appreciation for the outdoors.

If I didn't run... I may not have ever had the desire to visit some of the places I have.

If I didn't run... I would have missed out on a lot of fun family moments.

If I didn't run... I would miss out on the feeling of accomplishment through doing hard things.

If I didn't run... My world would be a whole lot smaller. 

Finish this statement with one of your own.

If I didn't run........


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  1. If I didn't run, I would probably have to punch somebody. (JK!)

    If I didn't run, I would have missed out on so many amazing experiences, and my life would be a lot poorer.

  2. If I didn't run I'd probably have Type II diabetes by now.

  3. If I didn't run, I"d probably be an alcoholic. Sad but true.

  4. If I didn't run, I would not be happy.

  5. I was going to say, there's a lot more on the other side of that - glad you filled in those blanks too :)
    If I didn't run, my pile of race t-shirts would be so much smaller & then what would I wear to bed?

  6. If I didn't run, I would always be wondering what else I am capable off... but because I run, I'm not scared of everything.

  7. Amen, sister. If I didn't run, I would have less confidence and I would miss pushing myself physically.

    OTOH, I actually kind of miss the free time I had this winter when I wasn't running!

  8. If I didn't run, I would be out drinking with Wendy. Seriously.

    I love all of your "if I didn't" reasons. :)

  9. I think that about the laundry a lot :) But I know my mental and physical health would suffer without running.

  10. If I didn't run, I'd have no idea of just how much I can accomplish doing a sport

  11. I'd go crazy. It helps me deal with stress and process the day.

  12. If I didn't run I would be lonely and friendless and have zero confidence.

  13. If I didn't run I would have missed out on meeting some really great people who became good friends!

    Great post!!

  14. I think that if I didn't run, I would have zero confidence. :-)

  15. If I didn't run, I would probably have much higher cholesterol and much bigger clothes :)

  16. Fun post! If I didn't run I'd be very sad and have lots of time! lol

  17. I would have a lot more free time and weigh less but I would have not met the great people I now call friends. I definitely feel younger, stronger, and more fit thanks to running.


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