Meet me at the Miss America Pageant!

Because we've been sticking with our Monday, Wednesday, Friday (and the occasional Sunday weekly wrap) blogging schedule, we haven't done a Thursday thought in a while. Well,  I was reminded this week that the Miss America pageant was held this past weekend and since I have some thoughts on that, I decided to share.  I can honestly say that I haven't watched that pageant in years.  

However, I do enjoy visiting the place where is all began.  Because we live on the East Coast, it's easy for us to get to Atlantic City.

I love the beach, the boardwalk atmosphere, shopping at the resorts (and the outlets), and eating at the Rain Forest Cafe which is one of my favorites. Of course along the boardwalk you are reminded that it is the home of the Miss America Pageant! 

I mentioned on the blog before that a few years back my sister and I got to be guest in the audience of a live taping of the Miss America Pageant. 

The competition was held inside Boardwalk Hall.  Although the venue looks all glitzy and glamorous on TV, I assure you, it is not that way in person.  I was shocked when we walked in to Boardwalk Hall and the atmosphere was like a ware house!

Here is a zoomed out picture so you can see the whole area.
Regardless of what “our end” looked like, it was amazing getting to watch something “in person” that we’ve only ever got to watch on television.
Now here's a little Miss America Trivia for you. The pageant began back in the 1920's in Atlantic City. It was always held the week after Labor Day in an effort to extended the tourist season and build more revenue for the city.  

2004 was the last time the pageant was held in Atlantic City before they moved it to Las Vegas for a few years.   They brought the pageant back to Atlantic City in 2013.  I can’t help but wonder if they brought it back that year in an effort to help boost the economy since hurricane Sandy’s visit.  I'm glad it is back on the East Coast because Atlantic City is such an Iconic backdrop for the Miss America Pageant.

 Share your thoughts!


  1. Oh wow, it's cool to see that zoomed out photo of the live taping. I thought it looked really glamorous on tv and would never have thought that's what it really looked like!

  2. I think it is always interesting to see the behind the scenes of a TV show or production. I went to see The View twice and I just loved seeing the set, the lights, where the audience sits, all that stuff! We went to AC once and had a great time walking the boardwalk. We didn't gamble but I did spend a lot of money on top shelf dirty martinis!

  3. Isn't it funny to see something on TV in person - it just always never seems as GRAND to me in person as it does on TV. The magic of TV :)

  4. I adore that photo of you with the statue putting the crown on your head! It is always very cool to go behind the scenes of any production. There's so much more coordination involved than most of us realize!

  5. I hadn't seen Miss America in years either but I caught the very end of it this year. I saw Miss Texas totally blow her question and then the crowning. Having worked in TV, I can tell you that behind the scenes is rarely if ever anything special. I'm glad they moved it back to Atlantic City as well!

  6. Oh how fun! That would be a great experience to have!
    I agree Atlantic City is a great place for the pageant!
    When I was a little girl I would have just loved to be in the room watching it live!

  7. I have never been to Atlantic City, seems like it would be a fun place to check out.

  8. I can't ever remember watching it, but think it's pretty neat that you got to see something live that millions of people will only ever see through a screen. Your picture is so fun - I've never been to Atlantic City, but if there is a tiara involved, sounds like a great time to me!


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