Friday, February 26, 2016

The BEST of the Holderness family....Are you ready to laugh your booty off?

We thought this would be a perfect post to kick off the weekend!  We have been fans of the Holderness family for a few years now and every time we watch one of their videos someone ends up tearing up from laughing so hard! We are SO excited to share this post with you!

If you're not familiar with this family, let me give you some background.
The dad, Penn was a television anchor but quit his job to work with his wife (who also had a broadcasting gig) to make promotional videos.  Oh, apparently the wife, Kim,  played a reported in Ironman 3????

Penn also did the promotional video for the Krispy Kreme donut race I talked about earlier this month.

Okay now here's a warning, if you are not in a place where you can laugh out loud than bookmark this page because YOU WILL WANT TO COME BACK TO THIS LATER!

It's too late cus we're 40 now!  #Sorry

(If you only watch one of this videos WATCH THIS ONE)

                                               The Oscars #TheDayAfter

                                              Thanksgiving  #NowWatchMeSipMyChardon-nay nay

                                            Thanksgiving #Its'AllAboutThatBaste

Christmas Card Video #ChristmasJammies
(This is the video that started it all for this family)

I know this is the Friday 5 but we have to leave you with a bonus track.  All you parents might appreciate this one.
                                       Copter Parent in the House    #EverydayI'mHovering

Okay, which video did you watch?

                                  We are linking up with the gals from the Friday 5.


  1. They are HILARIOUS! I always love watching their vidoes. I showed the 40 one to my husband recently and we both laughed and were like "ummm we're kind ob like that now but we're not 40." -C

  2. So funny! I graduated from UF a few years after Kim so I always enjoy seeing their videos.

  3. I love the Holderness family!! I've seen their Christmas videos for the past several years and that Chardon-nay nay video is just too funny. I still haven't seen that 40 video and since I just turned the 4-0, I guess I should watch :)

  4. I adore them. I watch all their videos. They have to be the funnest family!
    (I love the neighbor in all of them)
    But that 40 video - ALL THE YES!!!!! haha!!!

  5. LOL. I have never heard of them but this is hilarious!

  6. My whole family LOVES the Holderness family! I think "Sorry" is my new favorite!

  7. Thanks for the suggestion! I love adding new people to my YouTube playlist!!

  8. I love the Holderness Family. These are some good ones.

  9. This is great! I'm adding them to my favorites!

  10. I watched ALL of them, they were hilarious! I'm 40 and THAT IS SOOO MY LIFE!

  11. I saw one of these before but nit the others. They are seriously one fun family!

  12. Totally over 40 and so relate. lol

  13. I"ve seen the Chardonnay video...I had no idea there were more! LOL!

  14. How did I not know of this?! Dying laughing...

  15. I guess this is what I'm missing by not being on YouTube much? Looks hilarious!

  16. That 40 one is so funny and so true!!! Every babysitter we've had has been getting ready to go out when we get home!! I am always stunned that their night is just starting. :)


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