Peek in our week and some new products from Voxbox

Wow, what a week it has been! We can't believe that the first week of March is over already. It will be Spring in only a few days so I certainly hope the weather starts reflecting it!

So what did we do this week? I for one really made an effort to stick to a schedule of working out and stretching. I even got Scott to work out with me 2 nights last week (which seemed to be the highlights of my evening). He travels a lot for work which makes it hard for us to work out together. I'm hoping we can increase the workouts to 3 nights this week.  In addition, I stuck to a schedule with my bike as well. I got in 10.5 miles this week. It's not great, but I made the effort to ride a little bit every other day and it's a start. -M

I love when I get unexpected packages in the mail and this week I got several! One of them was this VoxBox. I  love VoxBoxes because of all the random goodies that are inside. This box consisted of some John Frieda hair products, some Colgate Optic White products, some Skinfix hand repair cream (much needed during this time of year), and probably the best gift I could get this week was the bag of Tide Pods!  If you happen to see one of my Instagram posts this week you noticed that I've been having trouble with my High Efficiency washer. I threw my stain free marathon shirt in and when I pulled it out, it had mystery stains all over it! I was not happy! I have never tried Pods before so hopefully I will get better laundry results! -M

I got quite a few things sent to me this week to review for my column for work.  I'm not quite sure that those products are related to what I like to write about for my column, but they would have more of a direct correlation to the blog, so you may see some of them showing up on here over the next couple of weeks. Maybe even a few giveaways too!  -M

What did you do this weekend? Have you tried any new products lately?


  1. No new products this week! Those VoxBoxes look fun!

  2. I just bought Optic White. Hoping it helps these coffee drinking bad boys.

  3. I have tried a few new GU gel flavors recently and I love the root beer flavor (which sound weird) and the peanut butter chocolate flavor. Nothing very exciting happened this week, except for watching more House of Cards....we are addicted to that show!

  4. I haven't gotten one of those Voxboxes to try yet- darn! :( Maybe something good is coming this week! Don't forget to email me the referral link for the quilt- I think you were going to do that last week. Happy Monday!

  5. I haven't tried a Voxbox yet, but they look pretty cool!
    I actually am reviewing a cool bag right now. I actually picked this one to try out, it's one of those bags that comes with the pre-folding tab, so all your shirts are folded and placed into the bag wrinkle free, and are supposed to stay that way through all traveling. I just got it, so I haven't played with it yet, but I am excited to. Once I can get back to traveling, this may or may not be a new perfect addition, we shall see:)

  6. I was given some new protein powders to try at a recent marathon expo. I really haven't found one that I really like both for taste and the ingredients so I like to try new ones every once in awhile.


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