A Peek in Our Week and Last Call For Skirts

Welcome to another edition of a Peek in our Week!

I had a relaxing week/weekend visiting family. I had a doctor, dentist, and chiropractor appointment.-L

I refrained from running  all week because of my knee pain. I finally did a short run today and with a lot of Tiger Balm on my knee it went okay. -L

The most exciting thing was probably getting a friend signed up for their very first half marathon!-L

My mom, sister, and I got all our bits and pieces around for our Princess races this month. We had some skirt problems so some things got re-arranged. We hope to post some pics of the final outfit decisions once we get everything we need. -L

Speaking of Skirts........ If you want a fabulous Skirt for any of the Disney races, contact Amy from RockCitySkirts.com.  She can make any character design.  She's pretty busy right now making skirts for the Princess half marathon weekend, but if you order by tomorrow, you should still be able to get the skirt delivered to you before you leave for PHM ( of course this depends when you are leaving for the race).

But if you already have costumes planned for PHM, you can always keep these in mind for a future Disney race!
evil step sister costume

cinderella costume

minnie mouse

Oh, and one more thing. We apologize for the random blog posts this week. As I was playing around on the Polyvore website, every item I selected seem to want to publish itself to the blog right away. I'm working on trying to fix that. Also, Lacey got a new phone this week and her comments are not exactly linking back up to our blog. As you know we are not "techy" people so it may take us a while to figure these things out.   -M

We hope you all had a fabulous weekend. What did you this weekend?


  1. LOVE the Rock City Cinderella skirt - it's just gorgeous!

  2. LOVE the whole Cinderella outfit.

  3. I'm not one to dress up for races but I'm totally digging the Cinderella and Minnie Mouse outfits! :)

  4. Hope your knee is feeling better soon. I really like the evil step sister outfits!

  5. I love all of those skirts! Do they have shorts underneath or are they literally just a skirt that you put over your running shorts?

  6. These skirts are so adorable! I need to find a fun race to dress up for!


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