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The month of August is Princess month at Disney World. The official Princess week started August 20th, but Disney kept the Celebration going all month long.

You may have seen lots of posts this month on social media of all the princesses at Disney. We thought we'd share with you where you can find all these fun photos spots with the princesses. 

We go to Disney often and over the past several years these places have been consistent picture spots with these princesses,  but note things can change.

Magic Kingdom

In Fantasyland you will find Fairytale Hall. Inside you have the opportunity to see 2 princesses in each line.

Line one is Cinderella and Elena of Avalor. 

Where to find Cinderella at Disney World Magic Kingdom

Elana of Avalor, Disney world, Magic Kingdom

Line two is Rapunzel and Tiana. 

Where to find Rapunzel from Tangled at Disney World, Magic kingdom

Where to find Tiana, Princess and the frog at Disney World, magic Kingdom

These princesses do alternate.

 In the past we've seen Ana and Elsa here, but not since they've found a "home" in Epcot.

Tiana can sometimes be found in Liberty Square waving out of one of the windows of the Carriage houses!

Also in Fantasyland there is story time with Belle ( specific times are posted for this and we always seem to miss it), as well as a meet and greet with Merida, which we've also never seen.

In New Fantasyland you will find Ariel in her Grotto. 

Where to find Ariel, Little Mermaid at Disney World, Magic Kingdom

This is behind Ariel's Under the Sea attraction.

Jasmine can be found in Adventureland.

Where to find Jasmine and Aladdin in Disney World, Magic Kingdom

Sometimes, but definitely not always, you will see characters as you enter Main street.  These characters are posed in the covered walkway just to the right of the Main Street Theatre ( where the Mickey meet and greet is held).  

Where to find Mulan At Disney World, Magic Kingdom

On our way out of the theatre during our last visit, we ran into Mulan here.

To the left of City Hall, we've seen Snow White.

Snow white at Magic Kingdom

Sometimes, if you are really lucky, you may see a group of princesses behind the castle watching the fireworks or riding the carousel at night. 


Ana and Elsa can be found in Norway.

Where to find Ana and Elsa Frozen characters at Disney World Epcot

Mulan can be found in China.

She is often found inside the building that shows the Reflections of China show. She will be in the lobby ( on the left hand side).

Snow White can be found in Germany. 

Where to find Snow White at Disney World Epcot

Jasmine can be found in Morocco,  but she is often hidden in a small room in the back.

Where to find Jasmine at Disney World Epcot

Belle can be found in France ( near the water).

Where to find Belle, Beauty and the Beast at Disney Epcot

Aurora can also be found in France. She is in the Gazebo in front of the Remy attraction. 

Where to find Aurora, Sleeping Beauty at Disney Epcot

Characters can sometimes be found on the bridge going from France to the U.K and on the path leading to the International Gateway ( the back entrance to Epcot).

Where to find Ariel at Disney world, Epcot

On our last visit, we saw Ariel in her dress here. 

I would guess that you will soon be able to meet Moana at Epcot at her new attraction "Journey of water"

In the meantime, she can be found at Animal Kingdom.

Where to find  Moana at Disney

We've also seen her give an appearance at Disney's Polynesian resort.

Speaking of resorts, on occasion you may see Disney Characters showing up for brief visits at your Disney resort if you are staying at a moderate or deluxe. 

Where to find snow white

 We've seen plenty of characters cross our paths at resorts and were even surprised to see Snow White at Port Orleans Riverside.

Disney Princess can also be found during the parades in Magic Kingdom and at select character dining locations.

You will find Snow White at Storybook Dinning and many other princesses at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall, and Cinderella's Royal Table. 

Have you seen any other Disney Princesses that we didn't list here?

Till next time M & L

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