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One of our favorite things to do at Disney World is finding things outside of the parks to do.  For a while now we've been wanting to try Foot Golf at one of the Disney Golf courses.

Where to play golf and foot golf at Disney

This past trip, we were finally able to make that happen.

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you are interested in playing Foot Golf at Disney: 

Where to play golf and Foot golf at Disney

At the time of this posting, Foot Golf is only available at Disney's Oak Trail Golf Course. This is the course that is beside Shades of Green Resort . ( It is behind the Polynesian Resort and across the highway).

Where to play golf and Foot golf at Disney

Foot Golf is only played in the afternoon ( I believe it is after 3:00 pm).

Where to play golf and Foot golf at Disney

There is a dress code for the golf course, so inquire about that.

Disney buses do not go to the golf courses. However, if you are staying at one of the Disney resorts, Disney will send a complimentary shuttle to pick you up and return you.  You just have to let the concierge at your resort know your plans for golf ahead of time. 

We were staying at Saratoga Springs resort and I actually thought Disney would send one of their "Minnie Vans" to transport us, but it turns out, they gave us a voucher to use Mears transportation, whom they contract with.

Where to play golf and foot golf at Disney

We were to show up at the golf course a half hour before our tee time at 4:00 pm.  Turns out that when we got there, we were on a rain delay.  It hadn't rained yet, but there was lightening spotted with in 20 miles so everything came to a halt. Cast members were going out to the course on golf carts to notified players that they had to get off the green and come back to the club house.

There is a full locker room, a covered patio, and a snack bar / bar  on property that we were able to wait at.

We walked around the property to check things out.  Check out these wild turkeys that were on the property!

Chip and Dale's snack bar

Lacey decided to purchase a beverage at Chip and Dales snack bar and by the time she brought it back to the patio, it did start raining.  

The rain did not last long. After it stopped, we waited about another 15 minutes before we got the all clear to go out and play.

We payed our fee ($25 each) and got our score card and directions to the foot golf course.

This was the first time we've ever played Foot Golf.

The concept is similar to traditional golf, but instead of using a golf ball and club, we were using a soccer ball.

We each picked a different color soccer ball and were told which hole to start at.  I have to say, the cast member did not explain things very well to us and the course for foot golf was NOT very well marked. 

The first hole was supposed to be a "practice hole", but it turned out I think we kicked the ball to the wrong hole.

There was a team of three adults behind us, and we let them go in front of us so we could follow them. They had played before so they gave us a little more direction.

So there are two "placers" or "tees" where you can place your soccer ball.  For more of a challenge, you can use the  tee that is further back.  There is also a sign that says how many yards away the hole is that you have to get the soccer ball in to.  Most of them were between 150 and 200 yards away. That was the challenging part, we couldn't always see which hole we were suppose to kick the ball too! 

Most of the holes were a par 4. I admit, we had a few 5's ( or more) on some holes!

Once we got the hang of it, we got better and it was actually a lot of fun.

We did keep score and decided that whoever won, would be treated to a dessert later that night by the other one.  Turns out, we both ended up with the same exact score!

This was a really great way to spend a day outside of the parks and we look forward to playing here again with our family next time!

Have you ever played Foot Golf? 

Mickey mouse Golf Cart

 Would you take a day from the park to do this?

Till next time ~  M & L



  1. I made our reservations for next week, so excited!😃It will be hot but I told my husband we have to work off our F&G festival food from the day before! Still figuring out how we will get there from the Swan Hotel though...

    1. You should call the Oak Trail Golf course and see if they could send a shuttle for you. Also, you could take the bus to Magic Kingdom and then walk or take Monoaril to the Polynesian. The golf course is near the Poly. There is a long drive way so it would be a walk, but doable. Or you could just Uber from the Poly. It would be a cheaper ride than from the Swan and Dolphin! I'm glad you are going to be able to play foot golf. Enjoy!


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