Thursday, November 6, 2014

If the Disney Princess lived in the United States, Where would they live?

Welcome to Thinking Out Loud Thursday. Today is just a day to be completely random.
The thought for this post came about while we were working in the yard one day. Isn't it amazing what random stuff we come up  But really, it should be no surprised to you that we came up with this post since we love Disney so much!

Okay, so if the Disney princess lived in the United States, where would they call home?  This is all in good fun of course.

1. Snow White : Since she lived with 7 little men that worked in the coal mines, we thought she would probably live somewhere in West Virginia.

2. Aurora (Sleeping Beauty): She would live in the sleepiest city in the United States, Seattle of course!

3. Bell (Beauty and the Beast)She'd find her home among all the other "Southern" belles in Charleston, South Carolina!

4. Ariel ( Little Mermaid); She'd start out living in Sea Isle City New Jersey, but later retire to Key West.

5.Tiana ( Princess and the Frog): She would live in New Orleans. There really isn't any doubt about that.

6. Rapunzel: She of course is use to being in high places so somewhere with high altitude would suit her fine. We think she would make her home in Colorado. Maybe in Denver.

7. Merida: Although she is originally from Scotland, we think she would make her home somewhere in Montana. They have a good population of bear there and she'd have lots of places to shoot her bow!

8. Jasmine: Since this princess is use to warm climates, we thought she would do well living in New Mexico. Besides, she already enjoys looking for magic carpets, maybe she will enjoy looking for UFO's.

9.Pocahontas: And just because we don't want to re-write history, we will keep Pocahontas in Virginia!  Maybe some day she'll make it down to the beach!

10: Mulan: For no particular reason, we thought Mulan might be happy living in California. Maybe in San Francisco?

11 Cinderella:  Now clearly, she'd live in the Hamptons!

While we were doing this post, we looked up a list of Disney Princess so we were sure not to forget anyone. While doing that we cam upon some interesting facts.

* There are 11 official Disney Princesses and 2 unofficially in waiting. Can you guess who the ones in waiting are? Anna and Elsa of course ( and of course if they made their home in the U.S, they would live in Alaska, right?)

* Snow White is the youngest Disney Princess.

*Cinderella is suppose to be the "leader" of the Princesses.

*Ariel is the only one to have ever had children.

*Merida is the only princess that didn't have a love interest.

You want to learn more Disney Princess Trivia, click HERE.

So thanks for having fun with us today!
If these Disney Princess did live in the United States, which one would you live near?
Do you have any other random facts to add?

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  1. I don't know about Alaska, but after last winter, I think Elsa makes her home right here in the midwest!

    ~Wendy at Taking the Long Way Home

  2. This is so funny! I always felt like I was most like Belle. Now, I have proof : )

  3. Since my favorite Disney princess is Belle, I'd have to live with her in Charleston! Good thing its a gorgeous city filled with lots of charm. :)

    1. It sure is! I wish I would have spent more time there on my last visit!

  4. What a cute post. Think you got them all in the correct neighborhoods.

  5. What a fun post! Great idea. Thanks for sharing!

  6. This was so cute, I love it! That's weird about Ariel being the only one to have kids and Cinderella being the "leader." I kind of picture them all frozen at the stage they were at at the end of their movie.

    1. Yes, I didn't realize their life existed after the movie ended!

  7. What a great post... and I would feel honored to live by any princess (fable or not)

  8. LOL, I love this. It's always funny to think about the princesses as they would be "in real life." Haha. :)

    1. I believe you would be neighbors with Ariel for a little while!

  9. Elsa is a queen - how are they going ot make her a princess? :)
    Of course they don't give a tom boy red head a love interest - story of my life!! :) haha
    & wrong - Belle is in Greenville, Indiana... me me me!

    1. Yea, I don't know why they say Elsa is a Princess in waiting. Apparently she will be waiting a long And yes, how could I have forgotten that Belle really lives in Indiana!

    2. Well I understand why she is not an official princess. They need to go through that ceremony to become one. But would they have it so she becomes a princess and then the first official queen...

  10. I'll keep my eyes open for Belle in Charleston.

  11. super cute! I need to find a 5 year old girl quick so we can talk princess talk!

  12. Sad to say that I am unfamiliar with some of the newer princesses. You have given me a little education with your post!

  13. Haha I love this! And Anna and Elsa are welcome to join me in Alaska!


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