Holiday Card Swap

If you are reading this post, then that means you are a blogging friend of ours. We'd love for you to increase your circle of blogging friends this Holiday season and that is why we are hosting a Holiday Card Swap.

We would love for ALL of you to join in. Here's how it will work.

Each blogger who participates will get the name and address of another blogger. You would then send that blogger a holiday card.

You are encouraged ( but not required) to send "a little something" with your card. It might be just some words of encouragement, maybe a coupon for an item you think they would like, it could be anything really, but please make sure it fits inside the card. We don't want you to have to use anymore then one stamp to send it!

Once you get the name of your "secret blogger" you are encourage to visit their blog ( if you aren't already reading it of course). You might find that they are training for an upcoming race or maybe they are having a tough time with something and your encouraging words will be just what they need this holiday season.   It is up to you as to whether or not you want to keep your "Secret blogger" a secret.

Once you receive a card from a "secret blogger"  please mention it on your blog and give that blogger a shout out.  ( you can also mention that you are doing the Holiday Card Swap with Fairytales and Fitness so your readers don't think you just get random cards from people...haha)

 Know that you will actually be connecting with 2 blogger, One that you will send a card to and one that will be sending you a card.  We thought this would be the best way to increase engagement among all who want to participate. Also, we don't have to worry about having an even number of participants.

Okay, so now you want to participate, right. So now what?

1Let us know that you want to participate by Nov 17.  PM us on Facebook, or email us. ( Our email can be found on the about us page).  You'll need to supply us with the name of your blog ( which I am sure we already know) and your mailing address.  Please know that your mailing address will only be share with us ( Meranda and Lacey) and whoever is chosen to be your "Secret blogger".  Sometime after Nov 18, you will get an email stating who your "Secret Blogger" is.

2. Follow us on Facebook. You'll want to make sure you are joining in our discussions this holiday season. Also this will be an easy way for us to communicate with you.

3. Mail out your Card.  Holiday cards should be mailed out between Nov 28 and Dec 15.  This way we get it all in before the Holiday rush of that last week before Christmas.  And remember, once you get your card, mention it and the sender in a blog post!

Okay, so now who's ready to spread some Holiday Cheer with us?


  1. Cute idea! I am a card fanatic - will love to participate in this swap. Sending and email now :)

  2. Sounds like a fun idea! I'll go ahead and send a message too.

  3. This is such a fun idea!! I'll definitely be participating.

  4. This sounds like such a fun idea! Sending you an e-mail now.

  5. Amazing idea! I'm on my phone now but I'll be emailing you later :)

  6. I love this idea, I am in! Emailing you ladies now!

  7. What a cute idea! I'll definitely be emailing you ladies :)

  8. I sent you a facebook message :) Sounds like fun, I love getting mail!

  9. Love this idea! I'll be signing up!

  10. What a fun idea :) Email sent!

  11. I so wish I could participate, but I won't be in the states between that time and it takes FOREVER to get mail out of the Bahamas :(