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Since we all have very busy lives (blogging, running, work, family, etc) and we want to be able to do it ALL, time is of the essence, is it not?   For this reason,  we decided to try something new with the Friday 5.  You know originally the Friday 5 was suppose to be a quick list of 5 things (sometimes on a particular topic). This made it a fun and easy format to get through as many blogs that linked up.  However, over the years, the Friday 5 kind of morphed into other things.  The 5 format was not always followed and it kind of became just a place to drop ANY blog post and that was not our intention. 

We are still continuing to host the Friday 5 but now the 5 stands for (5 minutes). Please link up a post that will take no longer than 5 minutes to get through.  This could still be done in a quick 5 list format if you wish, but we will not be providing topics.  This is not the link up to share a long race recap, an in depth book review, or a long weekly wrap.  We are excited about breaking the confines of  5 things about a specific topic and we can not wait to see what you all come up with!

Thanks for joining!

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